Swizcorner: Las Vegas

May 7, 2012 4:20pm

Considering all three titles were already wrapped up before this weekends Vegas race, the racing actually turned out to be more entertaining than expected.

Save a few runs at season ending podium bonuses, all three races were essentially for bragging rights.

The track was dry, slick fast and of course sporting that insane Thunder Alley roost. Monster Alley? No thank you, it’s Thunder Alley. I swear eventually every rider’s roost is going to be sold a sponsorship benefitting not the rider but the series. “Ryan Dungey is really getting a mouthful of Davi Millsaps’ Toyota roost in this heat race”… sigh. If it’s not benefitting the racers, (insert rolleyes) and yawn. As Mike Genova said on a recent PulpMX Show, all prosperous sports enjoy a healthy eco-system of profit sharing. Until the participants take a stand in solidarity, they will continue to risk far more than most athletes for far less reward. No, I am not drunk, I was not even in Vegas and of course I realize this is a pipe-dream but it’s always the crazy ones who change the status quo.

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