Practice Report:  Salt Lake City

Practice Report Salt Lake City

April 28, 2012 7:25pm
Practice is complete here in Salt Lake City, but it has been a gnarly day. We saw quite a few crashes in the sessions, some in difficult jump sections, some in other, seemingly easier sections. We’re not sure what’s going on with all the crashes here, but they did knock a few riders out of action—and the action seemed to be aimed toward the Lucas Oil Troy Lee Designs Honda camp.

First, Cole Seely crashed in a rhythm lane. He went to the hospital were he was diagnosed with a lacerated kidney, and he’ll probably have to get surgery. About 30 minutes later, his teammate Travis Baker went down in the next session and knocked himself out, so now both TLD riders are out for the day.

Also, Dean Wilson is nursing a shoulder injury from Seattle, but he gutted it out in practice and even held the fastest lap time in the final Lites practice session for awhile. Then with a few laps to go, he crashed. He walked off under his own power but didn’t get back on the bike. His Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawaski team tweeted: RT @PCraceteam: Wilson's shoulder popped out when he went down in the last practice. Team is figuring out if he can race tonight or not.

Also, Nico Izzi cased a jump in practice and broke his nose. He got back out there and rode the first timed session, and with blood dripping from his face, collected the third –fastest time. But he had to skip the final session because his mouth had swelled up so badly he couldn’t breathe properly. We hear he’s out of for the night.

You can tell this is Jake Weimer’s home race, he has been fast and aggressive in every practice. It looked like he would take the fastest time, but Ryan Dungey started to get into the groove, late in the session he logged a few fast laps and then, on the last lap, he put in a flyer to top Weimer’s time. Dungey had crashed with Andrew Short just moments into the first practice session, and his bike was so bashed up that he couldn’t even ride the next practice. He finally had things back together by the third practice and strung together the fastest time.

In Lites, Marvin Musquin continued his recent run of torrid riding by topping practice just like he did in Seattle. Wilson ended up second overall, impressive since he had not ridden all week. Martin Davalos, Wil Hahn and Eli Tomac were top five.

There’s one tricky part of the track—a triple triple triple section that has been really tough to clear consistently. We’ll see if that holds up through the night show, if so, it will be a difference maker.


1 5 Ryan Dungey KTM 450 SX-F 47.110

2 21 Jake Weimer Kawasaki KX450F 47.320

3 18 David Millsaps Yamaha YZ450F 47.577

4 25 Broc Tickle Kawasaki KX450F 47.826

5 27 Nicholas Wey Kawasaki KX450F 48.089

6 29 Andrew Short Honda CRF450 48.144

7 74 Tyler Bowers Kawasaki KX250F 48.227

8 617 Gavin Faith Yamaha YZ450F 48.243

9 81 Robert Kiniry Yamaha YZ450F 48.246

10 50 Nico Izzi Yamaha YZ450F 48.327

11 10 Justin Brayton Honda CRF450 48.343

12 24 Brett Metcalfe Suzuki RM-Z450 48.352

13 48 Jimmy Albertson Suzuki RM-Z450 48.365

14 800 Mike Alessi Suzuki RM-Z450 48.419

15 87 Matthew Goerke Suzuki RM-Z450 48.625

16 36 Kyle Regal Kawasaki KX450 48.668

17 54 Weston Peick Yamaha YZ450F 48.926

18 33 Joshua Grant Kawasaki KX450F 49.281

19 82 Justin Sipes Kawasaki KX450F 49.359

20 11 Kyle Chisholm Kawasaki KX450F 49.669


1 38 Marvin Musquin KTM 250 SX-F 47.129

2 15 Dean Wilson Kawasaki KX250F 47.303

3 31 Martin Davalos Suzuki RM-Z250 47.597

4 58 Wil Hahn Honda CRF250 47.600

5 17 Eli Tomac Honda CRF250 47.682

6 53 Ryan Sipes Yamaha YZ250F 48.100

7 44 Jason Anderson Suzuki RM-Z250 48.110

8 105 Matt Moss KTM 250 SX-F 48.697

9 59 Vince Friese Honda CRF250 48.934

10 95 Chris Plouffe Honda CRF250 49.548

11 232 Billy Laninovich Honda CRF250 49.595

12 986 Topher Ingalls Honda CRF250 49.955

13 67 Scott Champion Honda CRF250 50.227

14 133 Myles Tedder Kawasaki KX250F 50.522

15 854 Landen Powell Honda CRF250 50.746

16 84 Killy Rusk Honda CRF250 50.944

17 965 Travis Bright Honda CRF250 51.603

18 774 Preston Tilford Honda CRF250 52.069

19 227 Cole Martinez Kawasaki KX250F 52.196

20 831 Ryan Smith Suzuki RM-Z250 52.582