Unadilla Team Cup Challenge at MX Rewind

April 18, 2012 11:00am

New Berlin, NY - Unadilla MX is pleased to announce the Team Cup Challenge, which is being held at MX Rewind on June 1-3 and is sponsored by the Legends and Heroes of Motocross.

The concept is simple, vintage racers will team up with their favorite champ and compete for the Team Cup Challenge title. Racers will be "Full Factory" and actually race on a team led by their favorite legend for bragging rights for the MX Rewind Team Cup!

The Team Cup Challenge legends will be led by America's first World Motocross Champions, "Bad Brad" Lackey (1982 500cc World Champion and 1972 500cc National Champion) and Danny LaPorte (1982 250cc World Champion and 1979 500cc National Champion). The list of champions is long, distinguished and reads like a "Who's Who" of motocross history. Joining Brad and Danny will be Barry Higgins, Gary Jones (250cc National Champion in 1972-1974 and winner of the 1972 Unadilla Trans-AMA), Mark "The Bomber" Barnett (1980-982 125cc National Champion and member of the 1983 winning U.S. MX and Trophy des Nations team), Donnie Hansen (member of the historic winning U.S. "B Team" at the 1981 MX and Trophy des Nations and 1982 250cc Champion), Mickey Kessler, Gary Semics, Marty Smith (1974 and 1975 125cc National Champion, 1977 500cc National Champion) and New York's own Jimmy "The Jammer" Weinert (1974 and 1975 500cc National Champion). Representing the sport's more recent eras will be Jeff Stanton (member of the winning U.S. MX des Nations teams in 1989, 1990 and 1991, 250cc National Champion in 1989, 1990, and 1992, and winner of the Unadilla 250cc USGP in 1990,1991, and 1992) and Ron "The Dogger" Lechien, a member of the winning U.S. team at the 1985 and 1988 MX des Nations and 1985 125cc National Champion, as well as winner of the 1984 USGP at Unadilla.

Brad Lackey states "Now it's on! Not only will the Champs show their teams the fastest way around the awesome Unadilla racetrack, but they will also teach them how to "take advantage" as much as possible at the start without getting caught in the gate, how to psych out the other teams before the start and all the tricks of the trade! It will be epic!"

Teams are being assembled now. You can use the following link make a little history at 'Dilla and create your team: http://www.legendsandheroestour.org/MX_Rewind_2012.html

Your group can also sponsor a champion by sending an email to: alex@legendsandheroestour.org .

Key sponsors for the Team Cup Challenge include: JT Racing USA, Boyesen Engineering, Motion Pro, Moto Retro Magazine, FMF and the Legends & Heroes Moto Museum.

MX Rewind event information including advance sale tickets, camping information, and racing details can be found at www.mxrewind.com.


About Unadilla MX: Unadilla MX began promoting Motocross races at its current facility in New Berlin, NY in 1969. Run by the Robinson Family since its inception, Unadilla hosted the "Inter Am", Trans Am, Trans USA, and began hosting the 250cc U.S. Grand Prix in 1978. It was the first track in the U.S. to host the prestigious MX des Nations in 1987, and has been a stop on the American Pro National MX circuit since 1992. All historically significant MX riders in the world have strapped on the leather and kicked the lever at Unadilla.


About the Tour: The Legends & Heroes Motocross Tour is a professional historical display and time-line of Americas greatest motorsport. The tour includes the machines and the champs of Motocross. The project was conceived by a dedicated group of Motocross Enthusiasts who, over the years, have discovered the value of the rich 40+ years of Motocross legacy and its impact on the American motorsports history. "The dedication and passion of the sport has brought the Legends & Heroes Motocross Tour to the next level of sharing this legacy, the history of the machines and men, as well as the women of Motocross. The history of the Classic Iron and its' champions is a dynamic model ever changing. We see this rich history as a great learning lab for all ages" according to Alex Moroz the tour's managing partner