Club MX Interview with Frantisek Smola

April 11, 2012 10:40am
Frantisek Smola is an international rider who originally hails from the Czech Republic and previously rode the MX3 class in the World GPs. Last year he moved to ClubMX to start working towards his dream, racing the AMA outdoor series.  He had several strong finishes at Loretta Lynn’s in 2011 including a 4th place moto finish in 450A.  I caught up with Frantisek to see how his 2012 season is taking shape.

What made you come over to America?
I’m here because it is a new experience for me, I am from the Czech Republic and I rode the GP’s in Europe and if I race here for a couple years I will be better and I want to ride the AMA outdoor series.  It is my dream and it is almost here. It looks like I will ride them after LL, I am very pumped.  I came to ClubMX last summer for training and I liked it here. It is the best place for riding because there is training on the bike everyday and in the gym, I feel much faster.  I like the people and the trainers and tracks, that is why I have stayed here.

What was the racing like in Europe and your results?
I rode the Czech Championships and the MX3 class in the GPs.  I had 5 titles in the Czech Championships and I finished 6th overall in MX3 in 2010 and my best result was 2nd overall in Spain.  But I wanted to come to America and get better. It was very expensive to race the GP’s.

How has your racing been going this spring?
I have not been able to go to any of the spring nationals, I have just been doing the local races around the south this spring, trying to save money for LL and the nationals after. Paying for the entry fees are the hardest. I have been winning a lot of races in the Ultra and Mega Series in 250/450A also.

What are your plans for LL?
Goals are top 3 in 450 A and open pro sport. I finished 7th in 450A and 11th in 250A last year. My best moto was a 4th in 450A. I feel like I have improved a lot since last year at LL.  After LL I will go race the last 4 AMA Nationals if it is possible for me to do them all.

Why are you focusing on the 450s?
I feel like I am faster on the 450 and it is much cheaper for me than trying to ride the 250 class.  It helps me save money for the racing.  I also practice on a YZ250 two stroke during the week because it is much cheaper.

Do you have anyone helping you out with racing or are you doing it on your own?
I have a couple of friends who help me if I need a place to stay from time to time and another friend who helps work on my bikes sometimes.  I think if I could get some more support and do more of the bigger races it would help me improve more.  It would also help a lot going to the AMA nationals after Loretta Lynn’s since I will be doing them alone.  I would really like to do all of the AMA nationals and skip LL but I do not have any funding or help to get to any of them so I am saving some money over the summer and doing LL to try to get some more help from anyone for the last four.

So you would rather skip LL and do all of the nationals this summer?
Yes I would rather do the nationals because it would be better if I could be there for every race to get used to it and improve more over the season. It will be better experience and it will be hard to adjust to the racing in just 4 races. I feel like now is a good time to move up if I can get some support.  I feel much faster and stronger on the bike this year, I would rather race outdoors now than do another year at LL.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would like to thank my sponsors who have helped me.  ClubMX, FMF, Troy Lee Designs, Novacek Motorsport, K Walter, Motorex, Gold Fren, and 101riders.