PLAE Films to Sell T-Shirts to Support Derek Anderson

March 29, 2012 1:15pm
Privateer Derek Anderson and PLAE Films are selling t-shirts to help Derek travel to the outdoor nationals. 100% of the proceeds (not just a portion) go directly to Dereks bank account to fund his Privateer effort.  In 2010, Dereks rookie season, he finished 26th in points with his best moto finish a 12th at Southwick. In 2011, Derek was sidelined due to a back injury.  Derek is set up to do some work this year with high hopes for a few top 10 finishes in the 450s.

Traveling to all the AMA nationals is an extremely expensive journey criss-crossing the country. Any support is greatly appreciated! Again, 100% of all the money taken in from the shirts will go directly to Derek Anderson and his privateer effort.

Please head over to our online store - and buy a t-shirt to help support Derek Anderson and get him to the national!

Remember to sport your Privateer shirt at the nationals and keep an eye out for Derek! #241

Thank you!

Derek Anderson & PLAE Films.