Kawasaki Team Green Oak Hill Report

March 8, 2012 10:30am
Irvine, Calif. -In the second day of racing at the GNC Finals at Oak Hill Raceway in Decatur, Texas, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green came out swinging early with a podium  sweep in the 85 12-13 Stock class. Mounted aboard a KX‚Ñ¢85, Austin Forkner took his second moto win in the class to secure the top of the championship podium with teammate Tanner Stack in the runner-up spot and Cody Eaton rounding out the podium. By the time racing wrapped up for the day, Team Green riders netted a total of 23 top-three finishes, with eight first-place finishes, seven runner-up spots, and eight third-place finishes. Team Green rider Daniel Mills also locked in a championship aboard his KX‚Ñ¢450F with a 1-2 moto result in the 450 Nov Stock class.

Kawasaki riders have been doing very well this week, both factory supported and privateer, said Team Green Supervisor Ryan Holliday. As always cool to see good riders out there choosing our bikes because they know it‚ a good product and are doing well as a result. It speaks volumes about our products.

Monster Energy Kawasaki Under the Tent

Storm on the Horizon

When the week began, weather forecasters warned the area would soon be consumed by severe weather. In an attempt to avert Mother Nature, the event organizers at Oak Hill Raceway put the racing into overdrive, launching a new moto as soon as the checkered flag dropped for the previous one. As a result, the racing has been moving forward at a blinding pace with some competitors already wrapping up their championship races by the second day of racing. With championships already out of the way for some racers, and several inches of rain in the forecast for Thursday, many families are already packing up and hitting the trail home. For the racers who still have motos to complete, the event promoters have organized a movie night for Wednesday‚Äôs special activity.  With only 22 motos left in the event, tomorrow could see an early end to the GNC Finals, but the dark clouds on the horizon could throw a wrench in the works.


GNC Finals at Oak Hill Raceway
Oak Hill MX – Decatur, Texas
March 6-9, 2012

Austin Forkner - 85 12-13 Stock (1-1)
Daniel Mills – 450 Nov Stock (1-2)

First-Place Finishes
Adam Cianciarulo – Supermini 1 85-150 thru 16 Div. 3 (1-1)
Adam Cianciarulo – Supermini 2 85-150 14-16 (DNF – 1)
Austin Forkner - 85 7-16 Open Div. 2 (2-1)
Ty Siminoe – 250 Int Stock Div. 2 (3-2)
Tommy Maxey – 85 7-16 Open Div. 1 (2-2)
Mitchell Harrison - Supermini 1 85-150 thru 16 Div. 1 (1-1)

Second-Place Finishes
Tanner Stack - 85 12-13 Stock (5-6)
Brandy Richards – Women 99-250F Non Pro (2-3)
Justin Hill – 250 A Mod (4-2)
Mark Worth - Supermini 1 85-150 thru 16 Div. 1 (2-3)
Mark Worth - Supermini 2 85-150 14-16 (4-3)
Cody McDonough - 250 Nov Mod (4-1)
Zach Temo – 250 Nov Stock (2-3)

Third-Place Finishes
Tanner Stack - 85 7-16 Open Div. 2 (4-4)
Brandy Richards –99-250F Schoolgirl 12-16 Mod (1-3)
Justin Hill – 250 Pro (4-3)
Carter Halpain – 85 7-11 Stock (1-5)
Mitchell Oldenburg – 250 A Mod (2-7)
Cody Eaton - 85 12-13 Stock (8-4)
Cody McDonough - 450 Nov Stock (5-1)
Cody McDonough - 250 Nov Stock (8-1)