Cosworth St. Louis Recap

March 7, 2012 1:15pm
Just in case you missed another action-packed racing weekend in St. Louis, MO - Cosworth has got your latest results from this amazing race.  From the start of the race, the riders were complimenting the track, saying “it is nice and tacky”. As we all know a tacky track equals great racing conditions, which resulted in a fast and competitive night.

While Cosworth’s Kyle Cunningham's (KC) continues to show improvement with his recent wrist injury the crowd focused its attention to a new team member, Kyle Peters. This newest Star Valli team member has worked his way up the amateur ranks and is ready to race with the best.

Practice showed both Cosworth boys feeling good about this race, while KC clicked off the 5th fastest time of 52.57 in Q2 and Q1 in 11th. While our new blood, Kyle Peters, clicked off the 2nd fastest time in Q1 to the #1 position in Q2 with a 54.93.

Heat one consisted of sure-to-be front runners Barcia, Durham and Baggett. While Cosworth's Kyle Peters was ready for his first career start in AMA Supercross. When the gate dropped, sure enough, it was Barcia with the holeshot, Durham, Baggett and check out Kyle Peters with an impressive fourth gate start.  The delight on the Star Valli Yamaha Team was visible for this rookie but unfortunately Peters would have a mishap at one of the corners that resulted in him finishing 18th.  Stay tuned for the LCQ results for Peters next move.

As we moved on to heat two, Cosworth's Kyle Cunningham (KC) would line up against Bogle, Roczen, Wharton among others. When the gate dropped it was Wharton, Martin, Bogle, Zimmer and Gibson. KC’s start included traction problems which resulted in a 11th position where he fought the pack to avoid the LCQ. This determination was obvious at lap 6 where he took position which resulted in a 7th finish to secure a spot for the main event.

During the LCQ all eyes were on the rookie, Kyle Peters, for trying to place in a hopeful second place.  This was one hefty challenge going against experienced riders such as, Vincent, Kilbarger, Zimmer and Hewitt. When the gate dropped, it was Hewitt with the holeshot and Peters with another great start at fourth. Unfortunately, the track would bite Peters again and put us back to finish 20th in the LCQ.

"Cosworth could not have asked for a better performance from our rookie, Kyle Peters.  This is an impressive start for his first AMA Supercross event and we can’t wait to see him develop as a rider," said Cosworth's Donovan Norris.

When the gate dropped in the Lites main event, it was Barcia, Roczen, Bogle and Wharton. These guys have been on fire this year and it looks like there's no stopping them.  On completion of the first lap, the timers would place us in 13th position. Cosworth's Cunningham continued to persevere, first taking on Baggett and another rider for 10th, then giving chase to Stewart all the way to the finish and ended up 8th. It was another tough, but top ten finish for the Cosworth rider. We load up from here and head to Daytona in hopes of taking the podium.

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