L&H Tour to Honor Bayle at A2

February 1, 2012 10:50am

Legends & Heroes Tour to Honor Multi-World &
National Moto Champion Jean-Michel Bayle, at A2 SX!

Merced, CA: Jean-Michel Bayle was one of the most successful riders of his era, achieving his goals at the highest levels in both motocross and road racing. For his accomplishments, Jean-Michel will be honored this Saturday, February 4, 2012 during round five of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series at Angel Stadium in Anaheim California.

The 1988 FIM 125cc Motocross World Championship series saw Bayle on top, bringing home the title for Honda. Stepping it up a notch, Bayle continued his championship winning streak earning the title in the FMI 250cc Motocross World Championship in 1989. That same year, Bayle also place well in selected American AMA outdoor nationals rounds.

In 1990, Bayle returned to the USA to race in the AMA 125cc Motocross Championship, where he earned three overall wins and was ranked fourth overall in points. He contested the AMA 250cc Supercross Series, earning five wins and finishing as runner-up for the title.

Bayle became one of the few Europeans to win 250cc and 500cc Motocross Championship titles during the 1991 outdoor circuit under the AMA umbrella. That same year, Bayle secured the Supercross Championship title, racing for American Honda and JT Racing USA.

Having won significant major motocross championships around the world, Bayle became one of the few French riders to race against such notable American contemporaries as Jeff Ward, Jeff Stanton and Rick Johnson, among others. As he dominated the MotoWorld here in America for HRC Honda, Jean-Michel was one of the few riders to ever switch motorcycling disciplines, going from motocross to road racing competition. The American Motorcyclists Association inducted Jean-Michel Bayle into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2000.

Tom White, owner of the Early Years of Motocross Museum, remembers “Danny La Porte introduced me to Jean-Michel at our White Bros World Vet Championship venue held at Perris Raceway in November of 1989. Before the event, Danny asked if Jean-Michel could race my CR250 in the vet pro class. Having never ridden in America before and being a World Champion, I thought our veteran competitors would love to see Bayle race. We decided to have him start 30 seconds after the pro gate dropped. Wrong! Within two laps, Bayle soon caught and passed every rider on the track, really embarrassing the best field of veteran riders that day. He literally blew the carbon out of my bike! After seeing him ride it, I never changed a setting! Jean-Michel Bayle may arguably be the most talented riders ever!”

“I feel very lucky to be a part of another great Legends & Heroes presentation in honor of this talented rider” remarks Gary “The Professor” Bailey. “Before competing in America, Jean-Michel’s favorite rider was my son, David Bailey. I always thought David was the smoothest rider, indoors and out, until Bayle landed in America. He took what David had to the next level with his smooth, effortless style and always making it look so easy. Jean-Michel was for sure one of the super nice guys at the track” the Professor adds.

“JMB started his racing career in France at the age of twelve. After making his mark as a two time World Champion, he came to America to race with the best of the best in the USA. With his “Never Give Up” attitude, Bayle accomplished his goal in 1991 with two titles in the outdoors and taking the Supercross title as well. He’s a true champion.” Alex Moroz & Mike Owens, managing partners of the Legends & Heroes Tour comment.

Mr. Bayle and his Championship 1988 Factory HRC Honda works bike will be on display the Legends & Heroes Tour Moto 2 Museum exhibition at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA this Saturday, February 4, 2012 from 3-4pm for a “Meet & Greet” with the fans.

About the Tour
The Legends & Heroes Motocross Tour is a professional historical display and time-line of Americas greatest motorsport. The tour includes the machines and the champs of Motocross. The project was conceived by a dedicated group of Motocross Enthusiasts who, over the years, have discovered the value of the rich 40+ years of Motocross legacy and its impact on the American motorsports history. “The dedication and passion of the sport has brought the Legends & Heroes Motocross Tour to the next level of sharing this legacy, the history of the machines and men, as well as the women of Motocross. The history of the Classic Iron and its' champions is a dynamic model ever changing. We see this rich history as a great learning lab for all ages” according to Alex Moroz the tours managing partner.