December 14, 2011 4:40pm

Campbellville, ON, Canada – As the physical preparation for the 2012 CMRC Pro National series is starting, we are proud to announce that Kyle Keast is the newest member of the ACTIONETIX Team.

According to ACTIONETIX CEO Craig Stevenson, this is the most exciting signing possible for 2012. “Kyle approached ACTIONETIX, because he’s an athlete that knows his strengths and weaknesses. He understands that for him to have a legitimate shot at capturing the number one plate this season, he has to focus on his physical training, nutrition and supplementation. Kyle has mounds of raw talent and desire so I believe that we will fill in his gaps with unprecedented training, nutrition and supplementation protocols. This will be key to getting Kyle on top of the box consistently over the next two years.”

Known as one of the most tenacious competitors on the circuit, Keast aptly received the nickname, “The Dozer”. It is his approachable blue-collar work ethic and never say die attitude that has landed him a consistent top four result in the nation’s top motocross circuit, and a spot on the 2010 Canadian Motocross of Nations team that made the finals in Lakewood Colorado.

“I know I have the skill and desire to win consistently at the Nationals, and I simply need to improve my physical conditioning to get there. There are very few professionals out there that understand the true demands of Motocross, however after reading a number of Craig’s columns in MXP Magazine, I knew I had to get him and his company on my side,” comments Keast. “I’ll be following a custom designed nutrition, training and supplement plan both leading up to and during the season. I also started using HemoFlo as I’m getting ready to test my new Yamaha over the winter – and I can’t wait to see how it improves my riding. This will be the first time that I’ll get go down south to test my bike and my physical performance before the season starts. I’ve never been this excited about my chances to be on top of the podium as I am now, and I can’t wait for the gate to drop!”

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