iBOOSTER Now Available

December 13, 2011 12:50pm
Don’t let a Tip-Over Drop You From 1st to Last

Does your bike ever bog, ever had trouble starting after crashing mid-moto, would extra throttle response be a benefit?  If the answer to any, or all, of these question is ‘yes’, the $99 iBOOSTER is your solution.

Stop kickstarting yourself to the back of the pack... iBOOSTER’s patented technology increases spark duration, burning fuel quicker and more efficiently. Eliminate bogs, feel crisper throttle response and drastically improve hot starting. You'll kick yourself for not adding the, simple to install, $99 IBOOSTER.

The iBOOSTER maintains the same OEM voltage and utilizes a one-way current preventing any ‘Reverse Current’ that damage the coil and ruin the CDI box.  Any rider who has ever blown a CDI box or fouled a plug on race day can say goodbye to this condition forever with the simple, easy to install, iBOOSTER.

Part Number   Description                                                   Retail Price
F1                  4-Stroke MX bikes (All cc size and years)       $99.99