ABC Race Association Severs Ties with NMA

December 13, 2011 9:35am

ABC Race Association Severs Ties with NMA, Interview New Race Promoters After 33 years, the ABC Race Association, Inc. has terminated their relationship with the National Motosports Association. According to Race Board Chairman Tom Burg, “It was time to move forward. We had no choice but to sever our ties with NMA.”

The ABC Race Association Inc. was established by the AMBUCS in 1961. Although the corporation was initially responsible for the creation and operation of the Ponca City Grand Prix Sports Car Race, it later also created a venue for motocross races. They teamed with NMA promoters in 1978 and began hosting the Ponca City Grand National Motocross Race. This event has grown into the single largest tourism attraction in Ponca City and it brings millions of dollars in revenue to the Community each year. “As word got out concerning our separation, promoters from all over the United States began calling. We have one of the top ten tracks in the Country, and the riders enjoy coming to Ponca City. We constantly receive many comments regarding the friendliness of not just the AMBUCS but the entire Community,” commented Chairman Burg. “We are very excited to be selecting a new promoter to carry on the tradition of championship racing here in Ponca City,” said Burg.

Resumes are coming in from all over the country, and our selection committee will be meeting to review and make a final decision next week. We will also be working with the City, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism to discuss new opportunities for growth and promotion. Issues involving track safety and improved spectator access and along with a new track design will also be addressed.

The Ponca City AMBUCS charted in 1927 is a civic organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. All income from the Ponca City Grand National Motocross event is used to purchase AmTrykes, provide scholarships for therapists, and to sponsor local projects such as AMBUC Pool and AMBUC Park