RF Motorsports USA and ACTIONETIX Partner

December 6, 2011 11:30am

Campbellville, ON, Canada – As the 2012 AMA Supercross season fast approaches, riders and teams are looking for a distinct advantage verses their competition. RF Motorsports USA is one of the most exciting team launches in recent history, and they’re looking to make an immediate impact in the standings. RF Motorsports USA is partnering with ACTIONETIX and will be using the newly launched product HemoFloTM in preparation for and during the upcoming SX and MX seasons.

“I contacted ACTIONETIX when I saw the product HemoFlo profiled on RacerXonline.com. I did more research on the product and knew it would give our team an advantage against the competition. Collin Jurin and Chris Howell will be using the product for both the SX and MX seasons. We’re excited to be partnered with such an innovative company that is focused on Action Sports and motocross in particular,” comments Rob Flagler, Owner of RF Motorsports USA.

“Rob [Flagler] contacted ACTIONETIX and expressed interest in building a corporate partnership, and after listening to his story and desire to build a team that not only shows up to races... but focuses on winning, I knew they were a perfect partner,” says Craig Stevenson, Founder and CEO of Action Brands Inc. “ACTIONETIX is focused on helping motocross athletes and teams dramatically improve their performance to set new standards in the sport. HemoFlo is the flagship sports supplement that is backed by human clinical research and is designed to overcome the most crippling condition known in the sport – arm pump. Arm pump affects a large percentage of the motocross population, and we’re thrilled to have the RF Motorsports USA team using the product all season.”

The 2012 AMA Supercross season promises to be as exciting as 2011, and every athlete will be looking for a performance advantage in their quest to be on the podium. Together RF Motorsports USA and ACTIONETIX are focused on being highly competitive in their pursuit of victory.