Jimmy Weinert Training Facility Relocates

November 21, 2011 1:15pm
Maysville, NC - Jimmy Weinert, owner of Jimmy Weinert Training Facility, is pleased to announce the new home of JWTF. Jim has moved his facility from the Hamer, SC location to Maysville, NC previously know as Crystal Coast MX Park. The new location is 2.5 hours northeast of the previous JWTF location, making it more accessible to riders from the northeast.

JWTF at Crystal Coast currently consists of 118 acres of land with existing cabins along with a bath house. The facility also has 26 water and electric RV hook-ups and plans to create more. Jim is working on building a new shop for bike storage and maintenance along with a new gym with a variety of fitness equipment.

The former Crystal Coast MX Park already possesses a national style motocross track in which race events used to be held. Jim has no plans to continue racing on this track at his new facility. His first goal is to get the training facility built up and functional and then make future plans. Although the facility will not currently hold racing events, if everything is in line and the situation seems right, Jim would consider the option. Jim is currently working on rebuilding the current motocross track as well as corner track with various obstacles and terrain.

Jim saw an opportunity to purchase the facility at Crystal Coast and couldn’t turn down the offer. Although JWTF’s previous location offered a lot of on-site amenities, this new facility will eliminate distractions, allowing the riders to focus more on the training aspect of the camp. Ryan Schafer and Jimmy Weinert teamed up when building JWTF at Hamer, SC and Jim appreciated everything Ryan offered in the beginning stages of the facility. “I was searching to have a place that I could call my own and we found it at Crystal Coast. It was a mutual agreement between Ryan and I. We were thankful to have the facility in Hamer South Carolina, but business is business and we needed something different.” says Jim.

JWTF plans to open the facility on January 1st 2012. It will offer open riding seven days a week from 10:00am – 5:00pm at $20.00 per day. Jim will also hold classes Monday through Friday at $495.00 per week or $1200.00 per month. Jim is excited for this new facility along with opportunities and potential that comes with it.

See you in 2012!