Puerto Rico Pro MX Series 2012

November 17, 2011 10:00am
Are you a serious amateur racer looking to become a pro MX rider? Look no further! ,

Come to Puerto Rico, enjoy the island, race the PRO MX series, get training that will improve your riding skills and, earn your PRO LICENSE.

Puerto Rico is a short fly south of Florida, and american citizens do not need a passport or visa, Puerto Rico is a US Territory with warm weather all year long.

It consists of a three week training and racing program instructed by Gary Bailey "The Professor" , 6 hour training, three days per week working on technique and riding skills with the Professor, allowing time for your training program, practice and work on your bikes.

On weekends the PR MX pro series will consists of saturday and sunday races.

The program is scheduled to run from march 5th to march 25th. Three race weekends.

On off days we'll have beach days, and other activities to keep the training fun.

For details and more information contact:

Gary Bailey : gbailey@kimbanet.com

Gaby Catala: gcatala@catalagroup.com