MOTO 3 The Movie: Premiere Package

October 17, 2011 4:15pm
Host your own MOTO 3 Movie Premiere!

It’s a perfect excuse for you, your team, your club, or your shop to throw a party! For a small fee (which you could most likely recoup through ticket sales), you can host a MOTO 3 movie premiere and prize raffle.

Package Description

-You will have permission to show MOTO 3 in a public venue.

-You will receive the movie as soon as it’s available, on November 1.

-We will supply you with the following bundle of sponsor-affiliated raffle items:

Raffle Items:

(Estimated retail value: $700+)

·1 GoPro HD Camera

·5 MOTO 3 DVDs

·10 MOTO 3 Posters

·5 Racer X Illustrated Digital Subscriptions

·3 DVS Shoe Gift Certificates

·3 Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Track Packs

·T-Shirts, stickers, and various raffle items from Scott USA, Thor, and other affiliated sponsors

·Discounted price on DVDs of MOTO 1-3 for resale

-You will need to promote your event and supply your own venue and means to show the movie.

-To help promote your premiere, Racer X Online will mention your event.

Cost: $600

For more information or to sign up contact, Taylor at: