Moto Star at the Monster Energy Cup

October 10, 2011 2:30pm

Santa Barbara, CA- As Moto Star makes plans for its up-and-coming 2012 super cross effort we are pleased to announce we will be on hand for the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. Moto Star will be doing promotional sticker giveaways, meeting the fans and scouting up-and-coming privateer pro rider entrees who possibly could be hand selected for 2012 support.

If you are you going to Vegas this weekend for the Monster Energy Cup we know that Moto Star star's shine brighter than any of the lights in Vegas and we want the world to know it. That’s why if you go to today and fill out the contact form we will send you a Moto Star sticker free of charge. Stick on your head, face, mug or anywhere on your person and do something fun for the race! If you see the camera crew and get your Moto Star sticker on TV

Moto Star will send you a bag of Moto Star swag free!

Stay tuned as Moto Star has some big announcement's for the coming season that is sure to please our fans!

As always thanks to our friends at Racer X Online for being one of our Moto Star’s!
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