Bench Racing Ammo:  Team USA History

Bench Racing Ammo Team USA History

September 16, 2011 1:30pm

Team USA is quietly creeping up on its own win-streak record at the Motocross of Nations. The 1982 through1993 win streak—thirteen years—is the all-time standard for the event, but Team USA 2005 through 2010 has racked up six straight. If the team gets the win this weekend, they're past the halfway mark to matching their previous record.

But it won't be easy. You can see from this list that Team USA had a tough time for about a ten-year period between the first big win streak and the latest. Check out the list below to see who raced for the team since the first victory back in 1981, and how they did.

2010. WIN Trey Canard/Ryan Dungey/Andrew Short
2009. WIN Jake Weimer/Ryan Dungey/Ivan Tedesco
2008. WIN Ryan Villopoto/James Stewart/Tim Ferry
2007. WIN Ryan Villopoto/Ricky Carmichael/Tim Ferry
2006. WIN Ryan Villopoto/James Stewart/Ivan Tedesco
2005. WIN Ivan Tedesco/Ricky Carmichael/Kevin Windham
2004. LOST (Belgium Wins) No Team USA
2003. LOST (Belgium Wins) Ryan Hughes/Ricky Carmichael/Tim Ferry
2002. LOST (Italy Wins) No Team USA
2001. LOST (France Wins) No Team USA
2000. WON Travis Pastrana/Ricky Carmichael/Ryan Hughes
1999. LOST (Italy Wins) Ricky Carmichael/Kevin Windham/Mike LaRocco
1998. LOST (Belgium Wins) Ricky Carmichael/John Dowd/Doug Henry
1997. LOST (Belgium Wins) Steve Lamson/Jeff Emig/John Dowd
1996. WIN Steve Lamson/Jeremy McGrath/Jeff Emig
1995. LOST (Belgium Wins) Steve Lamson/Jeff Emig/Ryan Hughes
1994. LOST (Great Britain Wins) Jeff Emig/Mike Kiedrowski/Mike LaRocco
1993. WIN Jeff Emig/Jeremy McGrath/Mike Kiedrowski
1992. WIN Jeff Emig/Mike LaRocco/Billy Liles
1991. WIN Mike Kiedrowski/Damon Bradshaw/Jeff Stanton
1990. WIN Damon Bradshaw/Jeff Stanton/Jeff Ward
1989. WIN Mike Kiedrowski/Jeff Stanton/Jeff Ward
1988. WIN Jeff Ward/Ron Lechien/Ricky Johnson
1987. WIN Bob Hannah/Ricky Johnson/Jeff Ward
1986. WIN Johnny O'Mara/Ricky Johnson/David Bailey
1985. WIN Ron Lechien/Jeff Ward/David Bailey
1984. WIN Johnny O'Mara/Jeff Ward/RIcky Johnson/David Bailey
1983. WIN Jeff Ward/Broc Glover/David Bailey/Mark Barnett
1982. WIN Johnny O'Mara/David Bailey/Danny Chandler/Jim Gibson
1981. WIN Donnie Hansen/Danny LaPorte/Johnny O'Mara/Chuck Sun