Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

August 26, 2011 10:45am
Hey Ping,

Long time reader, first time writer. Always love the quick wit and humor you come out with. So, what is the deal with Stewart and Brooks? Do you know the truth? Do you think it may have lent a hand to him not winning the SX title?


Luke Rowan (Canada)



Dear Luke,

I’d like to take this opportunity to clear things up about Larry Brooks. There is no lawsuit going on. I made a comment about legal issues between the two parties in last week’s column and immediately felt the wrath of Larry’s texting fingers. He was irritated that I was making assumptions and not acting like a professional journalist. I assured him that I’m no journalist and in this column I rarely act like a professional. Still, if he says there is no lawsuit, I believe him. Here is what we do know: Larry and James decided it was better to part ways. James is operating his own team now. Larry is starting a new team to be announced when his “family time” comes to an end. Honestly, this is all I know. Only JBS knows if the distractions during the season affected his performance. Remember though, this guy lives with Eric Sorby, the ultimate distraction, and let TV crews follow him around all year so he is used to chaos. Still, a stable and calm environment is certainly better than losing your manager mid-season and dealing with more drama than the Kardashians. Maybe next year he’ll have things settled down.



Hey Ping, how's it going? First, a brief background on myself: I'm an old school MX-er and longtime MX fan from the Rick Johnson/Jeff Ward/Broc Glover/David Bailey days. I used to race MX at Carlsbad Raceway and I also raced desert races out in District 38 (Ocotillo Wells, CA). Now, I'm old, semi-fat, and pasty white. Currently, I ride a stock 2006 CRF450 (at relatively meager speeds) and my passion for riding dirt bikes goes way back. Additionally, I'm a former law enforcement officer and served as a city cop for about ten years, which leads me into the topic of this e-mail. As I cop, I saw a lot of crazy and wild things. However, I'm not sure I've seen anything as off-the wall as what you'll see in the photo I'm sending you. A fellow law enforcement buddy of mine snapped this gem near Tacoma, WA, about a week ago. He subsequently posted it on his Facebook page. As soon as I saw the pic, I knew it was destined for your laptop at Racer X. Now, I've been reading your weekly 'Ask Ping' segment for a long time and I understand the Q and A format. Typically, the Q and A ratio limit is 1:1, but every once in a while, readers bombard you with 'multi-question' e-mails which you so kindly answer. Well, doesn't the attached photo raise a multitude of questions? For instance, how did the driver/owner get the bike on top of his chariot? Did he use a crane? Did he have a couple of gym-rat buddies dead lift it onto the roof? (Based on the missing paint on the passenger side door, I suspect this is a possible scenario.) Also, is the embarrassment of this setup worth the fun of a good day's ride? (I say yes.) More debatable, does owning a Husaberg and a Miata together mean anything? Although I wasn't a state trooper, I suspect this guy is violating some sort of traffic statute listed in the RCW (Revised Code of Washington)....don't ya think? Nevertheless, as a patrol officer, if I came across this setup, I'd just smile and let him be on his way.....because I know what the addiction of MX can do to a man! Anyway, feel free to visually analyze this transportation arrangement so that you may offer a personal diagnosis of the awesomeness contained therein!


Craig Wattson

Vancouver, WA (So. Cal. transplant)

PS...From one public safety person to another…good luck with your Firefighter/Paramedic career! Much respect!



  • Really? A Husaberg on a Miata, Really?
Dear Craig,

I guess I’ve been spending too much time at Wal Mart because this type of hot mess doesn’t even shock me anymore. Seriously, this whole scene just screams, “Hey, everybody, look at what a complete disaster I am! Yeah, that’s right… I’m rocking a Miata with a Husaberg on top of it. Suck on it!” And yet, for some reason, I’m completely unmoved. I guess I’m more perplexed by the car/bike pairing. Every Husaberg owner I’ve known drives a beat up truck at least a decade old. And every Miata owner I’ve met is either a 17-year-old girl or a charter member of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance. This match is the equivalent of a Sierra Club leader driving a monster truck to work. Or a Prius owner throwing trash out his window as he drives down the freeway. Things just don’t add up. Maybe he borrowed his girlfriend’s car? To that I say: Why are you dating a 17 year-old? Maybe he stole the bike? To that I say: That still doesn’t explain why you are driving a Miata.

Thanks for the entertaining pic.





Will you ask Davey Coombs if I will ever be able to watch an AMA Outdoor National Motocross race without having to drive 8 hours to Budds Creek from upstate SC? Do you think the reason Davey has no races in the Southeast is because of the success of his sisters and Jeff Russell’s GNCC series and he is afraid that she might beat him up for stepping on her turf? Any help would be appreciated, I'm gettin' to old to drive 8 hours for a motocross race.


Danhutch in upstate South Carolina



  • Googled Alabama motocross and this popped up: The worlds nastiest butt whip, circa 1978 Flying Wheels MX Park
Dear Dan,

Due to his busy schedule I get about as much face time with DC as I do with the pope. But I think I can safely answer both of your questions on this one without clearing them with the boss. First, I can confirm that fear is an issue. Carrie Jo is a shark of an attorney and if she decided she wanted to own you then she could probably make it happen. I’m afraid and I live on the opposite coast. Secondly, I know DC would like to add an event in the southeast. There is a huge void down there and for a couple years I’ve heard rumblings about Alabama or something in that area. The problem is that he can’t just add an additional round. In order for a race to be added, one has to be removed. None of the facilities want to give up their spot so it’s a tough situation. Have you considered air travel? In 60 minutes you could be landing in DC or Baltimore and cut your travel time significantly. Just watch out for the TSA guy with the wandering hands. #awkward




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