BioTearOffs Brings Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly TearOffs to Market

July 14, 2011 4:05pm

Costa Mesa, California- BioTearoffs is proud to announce that it has solved the ever-present issue of tearoff litter surrounding motocross and offroad racing events with their patent pending technology. In recent years tearoffs and more specifically tearoff litter, have come under fire from track owners, sanctioning bodies and land use advocates. BioTearOffs solves the issues surrounding conventional tearoffs by using cutting edge biopolymer technology. BioTearOffs technology allows riders to have the clear vision and ease of use that they need and the peace of mind knowing that they are helping keep their trails and tracks clean.

  • · BioTearOffs are certified biodegradable in the USA (ASTM d6400) and Europe (EN13432).
  • · BioTearOffs are 100% petroleum free and made from non-food renewable resources.
  • · BioTearOffs won’t fall apart when wet or muddy or shrivel up if left in your vehicle.
  • · BioTearOffs are a direct replacement for standard tearoffs. No need to buy new goggles or use them differently.

Conventional tearoff litter is an obvious statement to the anti-motor sports community. Every tearoff left behind is effectively a note telling people the motor sports community doesn’t care. Growing tired of conventional tearoffs that made a mess and only added up, founder Alex McInturff decided there had to be a better way. After several years of research and hundreds of hours of testing, BioTearoffs has the solution. Clear Vision. Clean Conscience. BioTearOffs.

BioTearOffs is the exclusive manufacturer of Biodegradable TearOffs for all Motocross goggles.

For additional information or dealer inquiries, contact:

Alex McInturff