Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

July 8, 2011 10:40am
Hello Dave,

So, what's up with the guys designing this new batch of sunglasses that most podium finishers are sporting after the race (not to mention Stewart’s "Erkel" Oakleys at the last Supercross)? If I had shown up at my local track, watering hole or friend’s barbeque with sunglasses like that I'd have gotten my a*s kicked in a New York minute or been laughed at into complete humiliation. Is it just me or have they taken a wrong turn into Dorkville?




  • Maybe this is why moto guys run them?
Dear Puzzled,

Fashion, in general, has made some pretty odd twists and turns over the years. Who among us doesn’t have a story of an outfit they wore when they were younger that would have certainly earned them a beating in today’s high school hallways? I wore Z Cavaricci pants with the bottoms folded up and had my hair spiked up on one side like some Flock of Seagulls reject. Yeah, some of the glasses that are en vogue right now look ridiculous. So did MC Hammer’s pants in his Can’t Touch This video. So did Vanilla Ice’s Hair in Ice, Ice Baby. So did Kid N Play’s haircuts. Have they taken a wrong turn into Dorkville? Yessir, they have. And if history is any indicator, we have a man behind the wheel who refuses to stop and ask for directions and we’ll make that wrong turn again and again.



Mr. Pingree,

With your Motocross 101 video being out for a while now I was hoping you could answer a question. Why don't more active pros do instructional videos? I remember as a kid watching "Rick Johnson’s: Motovation" until the VHS tape had worn out. As a fan looking inside it is really neat to see rider techniques, set-up, testing and tuning. I understand that a lot of the behind the scenes these days might be limited due to factory secrets, but I'm sure following some of the top ten guys and having them explain why they do some things could pass. Years ago Kawasaki did a video with Jeff Ward and Ron Lechien that showed them testing bikes for the next season. It didn't have any close-ups of bikes, but it showed how they would decide on suspension settings and make engine changes for conditions. Since you have seen the process and sales point of view, is it just not worth it for a guy like Short or Millsaps? Thanks for taking the time and best of luck in the future.



  • Food services is where the money is.
Dear ?,

I watched that same video about six hundred times. I also had a Broc Glover video and Jeff “Chicken” Matiasevich’s video, Matias-attack! Those videos were popular back then when VHS was the only game in town. But things are different now. Even a DVD is an old-school form of media since everyone is online all day. If people can’t download it and have it right now they don’t bother. So, after you spend a lot of time filming, editing and finalizing the video you take it to iTunes and they sell it for $6 and give you $2 for every download. You have to split that with your partner and that leaves you with $1 for every download. Not exactly killing it. So, for a rider making tall six figures it isn’t worth his time to make a video like that when the return is so little. Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s the money was better for video sales and riders weren’t making the money they make now in salary. I made Motocross 101 for the pure and simple love of the game. I’m all about helping people. People helping people; that’s what it’s all about. And you should be too so go to and help me out by ordering a video today. Already have one? I’ll bet you know somebody who doesn’t… order them one. Or two. Hey, Christmas is right around the corner.



Hey Ping,

Real quick, I’d like to say that there are few moto articles I look forward to more than yours. You crack me up and for that I thank you!

Alright, bud, so why is it that FL and Cali have so many differences yet they are two of the biggest moto states in the U.S.? I’m from Gainesville, FL, so I’m probably a little bias (and by a little I mean a lot) but maybe you could enlighten some of us “dirty southerners” as to why Cali and FL are worlds apart… few examples would be: Cali’s fake women everywhere, not saying FL doesn’t have them but the FL fakies can usually only be found at a Hooter’s or in South Beach Miami bathing in cash their rich husbands fork out for them. Cali’s Bro-ism fetish, I haven’t heard anyone in southeast say bro in a LOOOOOONG time. And along with the broish status you have flat bills with ears tucked INSIDE the hat. I mean, that just doesn’t seem comfortable. Do their ears stick out too far? Are they training their ears to be more streamline? And of course you can’t forget the shin-high black socks…really? Please help me out here. I’m confused… I have nothing against Cali except a few political things, which I won’t get into but seriously, WORLDS APART!

Thanks for your wisdom on this, unless of course you bash me or imply that I’m missing teeth and wear jean shorts (jorts, if you will).


Gainesville, FL



  • So sick, bro
Dear Ben,

I’m not sticking up for the California crowd here. This state is chock full of nut jobs, fruitcakes, weirdos and people you just don’t generally want to associate with. The traffic sucks, the crowds suck and the state’s elected officials are completely devoid of common sense. That is about as honest as I can be about it. The answer to the question ‘why are CA and FL the two biggest moto states?’ is simple… weather. Anything further north has winter months that make riding impossible or miserable. And the states in-between all have their own issues. Arizona and New Mexico get hot enough in the summer that your bike will actually melt if you leave it in the back of your truck, though both states have turned out some decent riders. Texas has had some great riders but very few from the Lonestar State have won races. Weird. Louisiana made Kevin Windham but is otherwise too swampy and bogged down with Cajun food and swamp people. Mississippi and Alabama… I don’t know much about the moto status in those states but they’ve never been hotbeds of talent. And that brings us to Florida, which looks a lot like Georgia’s penis if you look at it on a map. I don’t have a response to the ‘bro’ movement. It is single-handedly responsible for the black socks, flat-billed hats and neck tattoos that are all the rage among the sickos on the west coast. I’d rather see everyone wearing jorts. Oh, and about the fake boobies… well, we might be onto something there. Sorry, bro.



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