Another Solid Weekend of Racing for the EKS BRAND

June 21, 2011 1:20pm
Congratulations, again, to all of the extraordinary EKS BRAND athletes.

Mike Alessi, AMA National Budd's Creek MA.
Mike had another great weekend of racing proving he is one of the fastest guys on the track. He lead both moto's for several laps before major arm pump set in. Mike's 5/5 moto scores gave him 5th overall for the day.

Tommy Hahn, AMA National Budd's Creek MA.
Tommy was the talk of the first moto at Budd's Creek. The Yamaha mounted rider was on the move, setting some of the fastest lap times. He moved into the top five and was pushing Alessi, Reed and Dungy when what seemed like a simple tip over in a turn, ended in broken ribs. His day was finished.

Frossard, Bobryshev, Goncalves FIM MX-1 World Championship of Spain.
Steven Frossard once again led the world in the first moto battling with the best and coming out on top. He worked his way up from a top five start and won the opening moto of the day.
Bobryshev and Goncalves battled each other and the top riders and finished 7th and 8th respectfully.

Moto 2 was a bit harder for the first moto winner Frossard. He was suffering from GNARLY hand blisters and fought his way around the track to finish 9th in the moto and 3rd overall for the day. Check the blisters out here:

Bobryshev finished moto 2 in 7th position and 8th overall for the day. Goncavels finished the second moto in 10th position and 9th overall for the day.

Timmy Weigand, Mammoth moutain motocross, VET Pro.
Timmy's first race back from, "semi retirement" was a good one. He battled hard with Ryan Hughs and Jeremy McGrath to finish a very impressive 3rd overall. He kept the duo in site every moto of the weekend but just couldn't quite get by them. Timmy will be racing all week in Mammoth, stay tuned for more results.

Dustin Nelson, Josh Row, Beau Barron, Yamaha National Quadcross series, Suprise AZ.
Dustin Nelson continued his Quadcross dominance as he went 1/1, again, for the overall win in Surprise AZ. EKS BRANDS Josh Row rode great to finish 2nd overall for day. Beau Barron, who holds down second in the point standings had a weekend to forget with a blown motor in the first moto and bad start in the second. He would finish out of the top 5.
Below is report from Dustin on how the race went.

Yamaha Quad X Series Round 4                
Speedworld MX Park, Surprise, AZ                          

Round 4 of the Yamaha Quad X series was held in Surprise, AZ at Speedworld MX Park.  The first of two night races for this season was a hot one.  As practice started at 4 pm it was 104 degrees with temps gradually cooling to 85 by nights end.  The hot and windy conditions made practice and the first motos extremely dusty, then once the sun went down they watered, making the blue grooved track muddy and incredibly slippery.

Moto 1:  My #94 YFZ-R pulled me to a great holeshot just ahead of my Yamaha/GYTR teammate Josh Row.  I slid slightly wide in the first turn and Row nearly got by as we headed into turn two.  Out front and out of the dust I put in some fast, solid laps and built a small cushion over the three way battle for second between Row, Beau Baron and Dirkie Baard.  Around the halfway point Baron made the move past Row.  Then just as it looked as all positions were set, Baron blew a motor with two laps to go.  I cruised to the win with a 6 second lead while Row fought off the charging Baard for 2nd.  Davi Haagsma and Ethan Thatcher rounded out the top five.

Moto 2:  Haagsma grabbed the GYTR/Yamalube $250 Holeshot award with myself in second.  Just behind us through the first turn Baron got up on two wheels and had to let off, dropping him to the rear of the pack.  The track was ridiculously slippery with water laid down on top of the blue groove and the mud spray was horrible.  I was fortunate to have EKS BRAND goggles and tearoff's!   I charged up through the roost to make the pass into the lead.  In a tight right hander at the end of a long straight, I set up outside going in and cut to the inside on exit, sliding up into Haagsma and pinching him to the side of the track.  Once out front I tried to ride smooth, mistake free laps on the still very slippery track.  Haagsma stayed close enough to keep the pressure on all the way to the finish while Row once again fought hard and battled his way through the mud to take the third spot.  Baard and local Arizona pro Jesse Goss rounded out the top five.

Round 4 of the Yamaha Quad X series was a great night for Yamaha and Nelson 94MX as we finished 1, 2 for the first time this season.  Looking forward to the double header weekend at Glen Helen for rounds 5 and 6 on July 9th and 10th.

Top Five Results                                                                   Top Five Points
1)      Dustin Nelson                    Yam                                       1)  Dustin Nelson              100
2)      Josh Row                             Yam                                       2)  Beau Baron                   80

Thanks to all of the EKS BRAND racers!