Truth MX/MB1/FLY/PanicREV Seattle Report

April 22, 2011 3:45pm

Ben Evans is as tough as they come!

TRUTH MX / MB1 / FLY / PanicREV / HYH / Kawasaki, racer Ben Evans had a tough night in Seattle but showed his massive heart, perseverance and determination. A dramatic get off in the second qualifying round resulted in a badly bruised Sternum and a trip to the Asterisk mobile medical rig for an exam and a shot in the butt. The Boise, Idaho native known for his fitness and dedication was in immense pain and had to dig deep just to line up at the start. Ben’s personal trainer Tyler Kalisiak had this to say, “Ben your commitment impressed me and your team, we are very proud to be associated with you.” Ben took this week off from riding and should be back in action by the weekend as he continues his drive for a top 10 finish in the series with 2 rounds to go. Jeff Ray from TRUTH MX had this to say about Ben’s ride, "Really proud of Ben's efforts, and feeling very good about our team goals for our debut season of finishing top ten and top non factory backed team in the lites class."