The List: Ten Best Walk-Off Rides

The List Ten Best Walk-Off Rides

March 23, 2011 4:45pm
In baseball parlance, a “walk-off” home run means a player hit the ball out of the park to end a game or even a series. In our sport, a walk-off ride can be the last time a rider lines up in his career, or even for a certain class he's been dominant in. Here are 10 Great Walk-Off Rides.

10.) At the 1999 Steel City National, the retiring Doug Henry didn't win—he went 10-8 for tenth overall—but afterward he rode a lap around the track with his wife, Stacey, on the back of his Yamaha. It was pretty damned cool.

Broc Glover won his last Motocross and Supercross races of his career.
Photo: Kinney Jones

9.) After clinching the 2001 AMA Motocross title early in the 250 class, Ricky Carmichael decided to drop down to a 125 at Steel City one more time in order to break a tie with Mark Barnett at the top of the all-time 125 National wins list. RC won the overall, but only after Mike Brown helped him out by slowing to let Branden Jesseman into second so he would clinch the title.

8.) Another 125-class-only walk-off, though this one was a crusher: MX2 Team USA rider Ryan Villopoto absolutely devastated the field in both motos—and all sizes of motorcycles—at the 2007 Motocross of Nations at Budds Creek, which also happened to be the last race of Ricky Carmichael's career, but RC fell in the first turn in the moto he shared with RV. Carmichael did win his last moto going away.

DeCoster went 1-1 in his last GP.
Photo: Racer X Archives

7.) After battling with a wrist injury for more than a year and a half, Team Honda legend Ricky Johnson won the last AMA Motocross National he ever entered—the 1990 Unadilla 500cc National.

6.) Although he didn’t know it was his last race at the time, Jeff Emig rebounded from being let go from Kawasaki by winning the 1999 U.S. Open in Las Vegas on a privateer Yamaha, with help from FMF. Successive major injuries while preparing to race in 2000 ended Fro's career shortly thereafter.

5.) Broc Glover won his last professional moto of his career, the '89 250cc Grand Prix of Belgium on a KTM. It was his only win on a bike other than Yamaha. Coincidentally, Glover also won his final AMA Supercross, the '88 Los Angeles SX at The Coliseum.

Everts tops the list.
Photo: Simon Cudby

4.) Five-time 500cc World MX Champion Roger DeCoster went 1-1 in his last GP at Luxembourg in 1980. It was the only professional race he won on a Honda, which he rode in only the last year of his career after a decade at Suzuki.

3.) In his last AMA Supercross, Ricky Carmichael almost beat James Stewart in a thrilling twenty-lap duel at Orlando '07, the day after his twin sons were born prematurely. He would follow this with a dominant 1-1 ride in his last AMA Motocross race, the Millville National later that summer.

2.) Hakan Carlqvist celebrated his career and his last win in Grand Prix motocross by stopping for a beer in front of the Monument Cafe at Namur, Belgium. Don't believe it? Watch:

1.) Riding for Team Belgium, ten-time world champion Stefan Everts swept both motos of the 2006 Motocross of Nations, beating Team USA's James Stewart and everyone else in his last professional motocross race.