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Your Collection: Golden Era Pro Jerseys

This week's collection comes from Roger Sjodin from Redmond, Washington.


  • Jersey Fronts
    • Jersey Backs
"Here we have my most prized possessions from the golden "era" of motocross. I was able to pry these jerseys away from the pros by doing paintings of them on canvas and giving them to the guys. I have RJs goggles around here somewhere but I can't find them(too much moving around) I also gave Marty Smith and Roger D each clay sculptures of them at a Trans AM race at Lk Whitney, TX. All the riders were stoked to recieve the offerings...but not as much as me scoring the jerseys! :-) "
- Roger


Do you have something cool you'd like to show off? Submit a piece from your collection as well as your name and mailing address to and be entered to win a Racer X cover poster and Throttle Jockey stickers. You will be notified via e-mail if you are the winner!

*Please note that while international readers may submit their Collections, we are only able to award and ship prizes to winners within the United States.

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