Atlanta’s Second Round is Zimmer’s First

February 25, 2011 1:15pm
After breaking an ankle during a practice run in early January, Ryan Zimmer was unsure if he would even be able to get a race in for the Supercross season.  “I was pretty bummed,” said Zimmer.  When his doctor concluded that it wasn’t a bad break, Zimmer went to work - implementing a newly tailored workout regimen that focused on strengthening his upper body and core. “I just put my head down and started training,” said Zimmer.  After three to four weeks in a cast, it was removed to promote more movement.  Zimmer said he spent more time after the cast was removed just “taking it easy” in order for the ankle to properly heal.  About a week and a half ago, Zimmer was back on the bike, preparing for the second round of the East Coast Lites in Atlanta. Despite being off his bike for weeks, Zimmer says he feels prepared for Atlanta and has set a goal of making the Main Event.  From there, a top ten finish would be an ideal end to Zimmer’s first race of the season.

Jimmy Weinert is hoping “things look better for the this time around in Atlanta”.  After some unlucky results in Houston’s first round, the team has taken their experience to refocus and prepare for this Saturday’s events.  “Everyone’s pretty much on the same page,” explained Weinert, “Every once in a while something happens and you need to refocus to gain confidence.”

Ryan Zimmer will be accompanied by his teammates Taylor Futrell, Les Smith and Tyler Bright under the Jimmy Weinert racing tent.