LocoX.com Interview With Clint Esposito of FMX East

January 25, 2011 1:05pm
Loco X is proud to be an official sponsor of FMX East. The FMX East group puts on amateur events that give up and coming riders the chance to compete in judged FMX events. It’s not that hard to get out on a weekend and find a motocross event to enter and race in, but finding a freestyle motocross event to compete in can be pretty challenging. We feel like these guys are doing a really good thing for the FMX community as a whole by setting these events up. They are also helping to show the rest of the country (and world) that there are in fact freestyle riders outside of the western half of the United States. It’s true, I’ve seen them, and they are good. FMX East also spends a lot of their time out on the road putting on demos. For the right price you could even have them come out to your house party and absolutely blow the roof off of that sucker! If you do decide to have them perform at your party, be sure to invite us as well.

We’ve been growing more and more fond of these guys and are proud to be helping them out with some free motocross gear, parts, and public support so that they can keep doing what they do. Now, for your reading pleasure, here is my interview with Clint Esposito the founder and general ambassador of FMX East.

Loco X: Do you consider FMX East to be an official team or more of a network of FMX riders?
Clint: It’s definitely more of a network of riders/friends right now. However I’m working towards making it more of a full on team. I’d like to be able to help my guys out more.

Loco X: Are most of your events done in conjunction with the AFMXA or do you tend to do them as solely FMX East events?
Clint: This past summer was the first time we teamed up with the AFMXA. I had been doing amateur events on my own for the past couple years. I was asked to be part of their series and I realized it would be an opportunity to give back on a bigger scale. The contests are a very small portion of our schedule. Most of our events are demos and things like that.

Loco X: When did you start FMX East and what made you decide to do it?
I started the team in 2001. I realized that with the industry so far away and the lack of press over here in the East that it would make more sense for a group of riders to promote themselves as a team than it would for them to try and promote themselves individually.

Loco X: Have you thought about trying to get an FMX park going in Georgia that would be open to the public? It could be a good spot for the amateur riders who compete in your events to practice.

Clint: Funny you should ask that. I am in the midst of setting up a riding facility at a motocross track near my house for that very reason. We are working on the logistics and red tape now. Once it’s set up I will be doing FMX lessons and camps there. Plus of course we will have a round of the FMX East Challenge series there!


Loco X: It’s pretty much impossible to do anything really fun in the US without dealing with a lot of red tape. I believe that is why we have the red stripes on our flag. They are a warning to potential fun seekers that they will be able their fun, but not without filling out tons of paperwork first. Also, I can’t wait to see the place once you get it up and running.

What are you most looking forward to in 2011? Keep in mind that if the Mayans are right then this is your last year to accomplish your life’s goals. Time to go for broke.
Haha I’m looking forward to progressing in life and business. I don’t feel the Mayan time crunch. I have always felt like the clock was ticking and that I better make stuff happen. The last 30 years of my life weren’t promised to me. You never know which will be your last day so I try to make them all count.

Loco X: I’ve been told that you and Chuck Carothers are working together in the near future. Do you have any specific projects in mind that you would like to work on with Chuck?
Yea Chuck and I work together to promote our amateur freestyle contests. We worked with the AFMXA this year to put on the whole series. Plus Chuck will be riding with me at some of my shows first quarter.

Loco X: What made you decide to head down south to Georgia from New Jersey?
Long story short, weather, location and the acceptance of motorsports. Haha I can ride more of the year. I drive a lot so it’s centrally located to the entire eastern half of the country. Lastly Motorsports and mainly Motocross have a way bigger following here.

Loco X: On a side note, I’ve been watching a lot of Monster Quest on The History Channel and there was an episode called “Devils In New Jersey.” How do you feel about the New Jersey Devil? Have you ever had a potential sighting/encounter? Do the Pine Barrens suck as bad as they look like they do on TV?
Hahaha I have heard stories for a long time about the NJ Devil. Never seen him myself though. Guess I didn’t hang out in the Pine Barrens that much, just went riding there when I was younger. I would compare it to being deep in the swamps of GA, desolate and a bit creepy. The difference is instead of rednecks we have white trash. Haha they are slightly different.

Loco X: How do you feel about becoming part of the LocoX.com family? Did Dave explain all of the rules that go with joining the family?
I’m very excited to join the fam! They are my type of people, a little messed up by “society’s standards.” Haha Yea he explained everything, in fact I have already been beaten in and gotten my Sanchez tattoo. I just have to switch to a strict tequila and dos XX diet.

Loco X: It takes a few weeks to get acclimated to the diet. Expect it to look and feel exactly the same on the way out as it does on the way in.

Loco X: Did Dave attempt to purchase your soul during the contract negotiations? He’s been known to do that. You may want to re-read your contract and see if he slipped that in the fine print.
It was never brought up, however he did try to get me to sign in blood… I thought that was odd.

Loco X: Well Clint, it is odd. But, that’s how he likes to do things. If it doesn’t hurt at least a little bit, it must not be that important.

Loco X: Why don’t you ever come visit us? Our sponsored Street Bike Freestyle rider Rodney Sargent of Anger Management in Atlanta visits us pretty often. Have you already decided that you are too good for us?
Aww man, don’t make me feel bad. I missed the Christmas party because I was in good old NJ at my parents, where I am still stuck because of the snow. Speaking of Rodney I’m trying to figure out where he gets all this gas money…

Loco X: As best as I can tell Rodney’s Tundra runs off of hopes, dreams, and good intentions. Either that or he pedals it around.

For more info on FMX East events and booking info make sure you check out their website FMXEast.com. Also, don’t forget that it you are in need of some new motocross gear, dirt bike parts, or motocross casual wear come hit us up at LocoX.com!