Feedback Request: Video Adjustment

January 8, 2011 10:25am | by:

We've been working tirelessly with the folks at BNQT to remedy the video problems that many of our users have been experiencing. We know what the problem is and we're pretty sure we have the fix in the works. For the time being, we've switched to a different player, as we want to deliver the best possible video experience to as many users as possible over this important weekend.

We could use your help. Can you check out the Nike video Matty Fran posted last night and let us know if it's playing better for you? You can email us at or leave comments on this or the Nike video thread. Either way, we'll see it, and it'll help us know how much progress we're making.

This is a temporary fix. To the users who weren't having trouble before, and were enjoying the amazing quality of our new player when it works right, don't worry. It'll be back, and we think it'll work well for everyone when it is.