Xmas Countdown: Day 0+1

Xmas Countdown: Day 0+1

December 24, 2010 10:00pm

Welcome to Xmas Countdown: Day 0+1

2011 Ricky Carmichael University & Amateur Supercross

The Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross (March 6th, 2011) represents an amazing opportunity to compete on some of the most prestigious motorsports grounds in the world, and learn from the greatest rider of all-time. For riders, family, friends and fans, there isn't another event anywhere in the world that presents such a potent package, making this an instant can't-miss event on the amateur motocross schedule.


Last year's inaugural event raced off to rave reviews, and the 2011 edition promises to be even better. As before, the full weekend includes Saturday night's Daytona Supercross, where the fastest supercross riders in the world go to battle. But Daytona now opens its doors to amateur riders and families, who are welcome to camp on the Daytona infield and watch Saturday's professional action, and then race themselves on the very same track on Sunday. On Monday, riders may enroll in Ricky Carmichael University (taking place on March 7th, 2011), with the Greatest of All-Time hosting riding lessons on the supercross track-the only riding school Carmichael hosts all year.

The combination of Daytona's facility and Carmichael's endorsement makes for an unforgettable weekend. And the entire Sunday amateur program is produced by MX Sports, the same organization that hosts the largest motocross race in the world: the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch.

With Daytona's hallmark tradition in Motorsports, Carmichael's unrivalred reputation in motocross, and MX Sports' experience in producing fun, fair and safe races, the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross is bound to become the most important weekend of the racing year. Come join us during the famous Daytona Bike Week for an opportunity like no other! For more information click HERE.