Xmas Countdown: Day 27+2

November 26, 2010 10:21pm

Welcome to day 27+2 of our 30+2 Days of Christmas.

Today we bring you Renthal's Moto Handguards. Save those digits this year and get a set of these bad boys. Rocks are a bummer, but you should always be ready to rule the roost when necessary. We're just trying to help you out, seriously.



Renthal Moto Handguards -  Retail $39.95

NEW FOR 2011! Renthal’s new moto handguards are designed to offer your hands protection against roost in a sleek and simple design.  Ultra lightweight, these guards are designed to not interfere with your controls and provide excellent protection against rocks and roost in motocross applications.  Multiple mounting positions for both the bracket and shield offer the user greater adjustability during fitment.

-Dual compound molded plastic shield with flexible synthetic rubber edge

-Reinforced composite plastic mounting bracket offers protection& allows guard to flex in the event of a crash

-Mounts independently of perches for versatility

-Each handguard comes with optional red and blue graphic kit

-Part number HG-100-WT

-Made in the USA