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Hey Ping-Ping,

You always say that a kid these days can't mow lawns and still afford to race. I would think someone with a work ethic like you would know otherwise. I would mow lawns everyday after school (sometimes on weekends too) and then go racing on the weekends. I would have to pay for all of my bikes, racing fees, and other expenses. Everyday I would be mowing lawns for a few hours just so I could go racing on the weekends. I eventually saved enough money to buy a YZ85 and then a new (yes, brand new, right of the showroom floor) CRF250 (yes, a four stroke with all of the expenses). I never (not once) had to not go to a race because I didn't have enough money. I even had enough money left over to buy a truck so I could get to the races on my own.

You seem like the type of person who would say if you work hard enough, then you will be able to race and keep up. I guess you try to sound a lot tougher than you really are, since I was able to mow lawns AND buy a four stroke with cash.


Jeff #318

Dear Jeff,

For a guy with the title "Lawn Maintenance Technician" you sure are a smart-ass. I don’t know where you are mowing grass [Or if you are selling it. Or smoking it...] but I’d like to see the spreadsheet on that little business venture. You mean to tell me that you paid $7,000 cash for a brand new bike, hundreds [If not thousands] of dollars in parts, tires, oils, gear, etc. throughout the season and covered entry fees on the weekends by mowing lawns? Really? REALLY? Something tells me that daddy had a hand in that racing habit. And there’s nothing wrong with that… in fact, that is one of the great things about this sport is that it includes the whole family. But for you to sit there with your little Briggs and Stratton and tell me that you’re raking in cash like an ecstasy dealer in Vegas by mowing lawns is ridiculous. If pops isn’t helping then my guess is you don’t own the bike… the bank does. You’ll learn all about the very significant difference between those two things when you get your first set of credit cards and tap them out. Send me another letter when that happens.




You seem to be one of the few "shoot from the hip" kind of guys in the motocross news business…so why is it that we rarely hear about anything negative between riders or team. I mean behind the scenes stuff like rider A and rider B almost came to blows in the pits after a race. Or, rider A is actually a real jerk and when not in the public eye or even an article about what riders think of each other. I know the teams and sponsors want everyone to hear their guy(s) being positive or super pumped about the race, the equipment, their team, and even the competition. But we’re talking about highly competitive adolescents (for the most part). You got to believe these guys throw a temper tantrum now and again, or get pissed at each other and do stupid $#it! As it is, the press makes it seem like one big love fest. Unless of course we see something like pushing or shoving on the track or someone blatantly standing on someone else’s bike so he can’t pick it up.

What’s with the lock down on all the dirt?


Dear Steve,

I think the problem media run into in this industry is that it is so small. If a journalist or publication said exactly what was really going on they would get blacklisted from that rider and his team. Because motocross is small we get to come into close contact with the riders on a regular basis. That isn’t normal with other sports. I actually walked into the Suzuki transporter this year at one of the races and had Dungey sign a poster for one of my wife’s friends. Do you think I could just stroll down to the locker room and get Kobe Bryant to sign something for me without a stringent ID check and media pass? Even then it would be difficult. It puts journalists in a tough spot. A few guys push the envelope and we pay a price for that; I won’t get Christmas cards from a few guys this year [Good thing I couldn’t care less]. Still, it’s tough to get an interview with a guy when he hates you for telling the world that he is a first-class doucher.


Dear Mr. Ping,

Guitars, woodcarvings, sprockets, ETC… AMA trophies are just getting weird. AMA needs to standardize the award like the NHRA Wally or the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It would be only the front end of a bike with half the wheel mounted in a gold plated brick. The number plate would have all the info (sponsored by a decal company, of course) of the rider, place, date, etc. And did I mention the sponsor’s name? The handlebars would have the series sponsor on the cross bar (and a handle bar company logo) the fenders, forks, and wheel could all have sponsors also. The award would be called the "JOE" after me. It could also be called the "PING" if you wish to take credit. The tracks could also sell miniature versions with all the info of the day on them (you maybe could get one signed be the winner?). The series champion would get a 2-foot "BIG JOE" at the end of the year. The possibilities (AMA revenue stream) are endless.

Joe Mangiameli

Omaha, NE

Dear Joe,

That is just a terrible idea. But I’m getting a patent for the idea just in case I’m wrong. So if you see Adam Cinciarulo holding a PING at the end of the 2016 season don’t come after me.



Is she holding a PING?

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