GNCC Rulebook: Hawk can't Race Bikes and ATVs

October 20, 2010 6:56pm

For Immediate Release

GNCC Statement: Rulebook Prohibits Barry Hawk From Racing Bikes and ATVs this Weekend at Ironman

Morgantown, WV (October 20, 2010) – Amidst much hype and anticipation for eight-time Grand National Cross Country Champion Barry Hawk to race both ATVs and bikes at this weekend’s Amsoil Ironman GNCC race, Racer Productions, producers of the GNCC Series, reiterates that, according to Section E, Rule 1. of the 2010 GNCC Series Pro Rulebook, pro riders are not eligible to compete in the ATV race on Saturday and then compete in the XC1 bike class on Sunday. The rule reads: 1. Racers (Motorcycle and ATV) may only compete in one race per event.

"Trust me, no one wanted to see Barry give this a try more than us," explains GNCC Trail Boss Jeff Russell. "But a rule is a rule, and unfortunately there are no provisions in our rulebook that would allow this to happen. There has been talk of a grandfather clause, and we looked into such an option, but there is no such thing as a grandfather clause in the rulebook, and we have to stick to what our own rules say. We apologize to Barry and any of his friends, sponsors or team members who were hoping to he could race both events, but the rulebook can not accommodate for that."

Hawk, as a member of the factory Am-Pro Yamaha bike team, will still race Sunday’s XC1 bike event.

The GNCC Amateur rulebook does allow for one rider to compete in the ATV race on Saturday and the bike race on Sunday, but that is an amateur-only rule, and does not apply to the pro classes.