Renegade Fuels Podiums at Steel City

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Renegade Fuels came into Steel City with some momentum from Southwick and leaves the weekend on the box. In the Lites class Renegade Fuels rider Trey Canard once again shows that he is the guy to beat now. Canard was consistent with a 1-1 moto score and would stand on the top step of the box. Canard would not let the pressure of Pourcel get to him and keep him from winning the overall. Canard and Pourcel would go head to head for most of the moto and put on one great race for the fans to watch unfold. They will decide the championship at the final round in Pala.

Renegade Fuels and Honda of Troy rider Darryn Durham, would show some of his true potential this weekend with a solid 8-10 moto score, which would give him a top ten finish for the weekend.
Darryn’s brother, #310 Shane Durham, would join Renegade Fuels and Honda of Troy this weekend for his first Outdoor Pro National. Shane would finish his first Pro National with a 16-24 moto score for a top 20 overall. Another rider that has relied on the performance of Renegade Fuels for the Canadian Nationals would come to Steel City to see how he would stack up against the best and that rider was Shawn Rife. Rife would finish up the Canadian nationals and ride Steel City to a top 20 finish with a 18-19 moto scores for 19th overall. Renegade Fuels  would finish up the weekend in the lites class with 12 of the top 20 positions and 15 of the top 40 overalls.
Canard          1st
Tomac           4th
Tickle            5th
Barcia           6th
Wharton       7th
D. Durham  10th
Davalos        11th
Izzi              15th
Smith           17th
Tapia           18th
Rife             19th
S. Durham   20th
Willard         21st
DeCotis        25th
Yenerich      38th

The 450 class, Renegade Fuels rider, Brett Metcalfe would again have a solid and consistant finish. Metcalfe would finish up the weekend with a 2-3 moto score to secure a 2nd overall. Renegade would also have the following riders in the top 40 of the 450 class at Steel City.
Metcalfe    2nd
Clarke        18th
Chatfield    27th
Lamay        38th
The WMX would see Renegade Fuel and Star Yamaha rider Jessica Patterson take the Women’s overall with a 2-1 moto score. Patterson would come the back in the first moto to finish 2nd and set herself up for the second moto. The second moto Patterson would come out and show she is the rider to beat in the WMX by winning the second moto and the overall. Eleven 10 mods Alexha Pearson would finish a strong 4th overall with moto scores of 7-3. Renegade would also see the following riders in the top 40 at the WMX round at Steel City,
Patterson    1st
Pearson       4th
Bash          14th
Renegade Fuels has and will continue to lead the way in the development of performance fuels for the motocross and supercross industry. Renegade takes great pride in the performance of the SX4+ fuel that the top teams rely on. The SX4+ in the leading AMA legal fuel on the market today, even with the new "Pro5" fuel that was just released in an attempt to try and stay on par with the SX4+. The SX4+ delivers more performance, is more stable, and burns cleaner than any other fuel on the market. Renegade Fuel holds true to the term R&D. To Renegade this means research and development, not react and distribute like the competitors that are trying to mimic the Renegade SX4+ fuel. Mark Ticen with Renegade Fuels Moto Program was quoted saying " it is about time that a fuel company like Renegade comes into the market of AMA Pro Racing and offers teams and racers a fuel with a real advantage, not just a fuel that is AMA legal and you are stuck using it. Renegade is and will continue to lead the way in this industry" For more information on how you can rely on the same fuel used by top teams and riders, contact Mark Ticen/Renegade Fuels Moto Program at 270 467-4215 or
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