HBD Moto Grafx Loretta Lynn's Riders

July 20, 2010 11:37am | by:

HBD Moto Grafx team riders are excited and working hard to prepare for the Loretta Lynn 2010 Nationals.

Justin Starring is qualified for 250A and 250 Pro Sport
Kyle Goerke is qualified for 250B stock, 250B MOD and College Boy 17-24
Dylan Greer is qualified for 65 (7-9), Mid East Regional Champ
Bryson Taylor is qualified for 250C stock and 250C MOD
Jim Nagy is qualified for 40+ and 35+ Vet
Steve Nagy is qualified for 35+, Vet B/C 30

Congratulation guys and Good Luck!

If you need plate numbers or graphics call today and receive 50% off retail.  All number plates come with Loretta Lynn’s Official Logo.

Thank you,
Ronnie Hames
HBD Moto Grafx