Fly Riders Finish 2-3 in 450 Class at Millville

July 20, 2010 4:46pm

The AMA Lucas Oil Motocross Championship made stop number seven this past weekend in Millville, Minnesota at Spring Creek MX Park. Track and weather conditions were perfect for a great day of racing for Fly Racing riders and the big news of the weekend was the 2-3 finishes for Fly team riders Andrew Short and Kyle Regal in the 450 class.

450 Class Highlights

Fly Riders Andrew Short, Weston Peick, Ben Evans, Kyle Regal, Josh Clark, Terren O’Dell and Aden De Jager all qualified for Motos. In Moto one it was Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short leading the way for Fly Racing, riding his way to a third place finish followed by Kyle Regal and Ben Evans not far behind in 8th and 20th.

In Moto two Andrew Short once again came out the gate strong with the holeshot followed by Kyle Regal a few positions back. With Short in the early lead, Regal would charge to the front only to suffer a crash and drop back a few positions. In a gutsy and impressive move, Regal would rebound from his crash and once again work his way to the front of the pack for a strong second place finish! Andrew Short finished close behind in third, with both riders taking a place on the overall podium. Weston Peick and Ben Evans also had great motos, finishing 14th and 15th, followed by Aden De Jager in 20th.

Overall Finishes:
Andrew Short: 2nd (Kinetic Mesh Racewear, Formula Helmet) Factory Honda/Red Bull Racing
Kyle Regal: 3rd (Kinetic Mesh Racewear) Merge Racing/American Honda
Ben Evans: 18th (Evolution Racewear, Formula Helmet) Ti-Lube/Brown Motosports/Carls Cycle Sales
Weston Peick: 19th (Kinetic Racewear, Formula Helmet) Rock River Powersports
Aden De Jager: 24th (Evolution Racewear) WWR/Privateer
Josh Clark: 28th (Kinetic Racewear, Formula Helmet) Privateer
Terren O’Dell: 33rd (Kinetic Racewear, F2 Carbon Helmet) Rock River Powersports

Lites Class Highlights
In the Lites class it was Fly riders Max Anstie, Broc Tickle, Martin Davalos, Alex Martin, Kyle Gills, along with privateers Hunter Clements, Tony Gallo Johnny Moore and Michael Akaydin all making it out of timed qualifying to put themselves into motos for the day. Hunter Clements would not be able to race due to a broken wrist suffered during the second practice; we hope he gets well soon.

In Moto one it was DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing rider Broc Tickle Leading the way finishing 7th followed by Team Ti-lube privateer Alex Martin in 8th. Rounding out the top twenty was DNA rider Martin Davalos in 15th.

In Moto two it was Broc Tickle leading the way for Team Fly Racing, finishing 6th, Martin Davalos in 12th, followed closely by Max Anstie and Alex Martin finishing 13th and 15th.

Overall Finishes:
Broc Tickle: 7th (Kinetic Racewear) Star Racing/DNA Shred Sticks/Yamaha
Alex Martin: 10th (Evolution Racewear) Ti-Lube/WWR
Martin Davalos: 13th (Kinetic Racewear) Star Racing/DNA Shred Sticks/Yamaha
Max Anstie: 17th (Kinetic Racewear) Star Racing/DNA Shred Sticks/Yamaha
Kyle Gills: 29th (Kinetic Racewear, Trophy Helmet) Privateer
Tony Gallo: 30th (Evolution Racewear, F2 Carbon Helmet) Privateer
Michael Akaydin: 31st (Kinetic Racewear, F2 Carbon Helmet) Privateer
Johnny Moore: 37th (Kinetic Racewear, F2 Carbon Helmet) Privateer
Hunter Clements: 40th (Evolution Racewear) Privateer

Congrats to Andrew Short and Kyle Regal finishing 2nd and 3rd overall for Fly Racing!