Get Fit - Concept2 Rowing Competition

July 7, 2010 9:54am | by:

Are you interested in a little VitalMX Concept2 rowing competition?

After seeing a couple topics pop-up here and there about them, and being a user myself, I thought it might be fun little deal… and maybe a little extra motivation to push harder when training.

What you will need
Access to a C2 rower, a camera, Internet access, lots of water, and possibly a puke bucket.

Three ways to battle it out (2 age groups):

  • 500 Meter
  • 2000 Meter
  • 5000 Meter
  • +40 500 Meter
  • +40 2000 Meter
  • +40 5000 Meter

This competition will last 8 weeks. This gives you time to get your fitness up to snuff, work on your times, post times, talk crap and see where everyone else is at. This will officially kickoff July 5th (the perfect time to start burning off those Fourth of July grilled mayonnaise balls), with your best Week 8 (Aug. 23-29) times due in by Monday August 30 at Midnight.

Each week is dedicated to 2 of 3 challenges. You must log at least one time for each of those particular distances during that week to show where you are at. Of course, you can still post whatever you want on VitalMX, too.

Week 1: 500, 2k
Week 2: 5k, 2k
Week 3: 5k, 500
Week 4: 500, 2k
Week 5: 5k, 2k
Week 6: 5k, 500
Week 7: 500, 2k
Week 8: FINALS - ALL (It is also mandatory that during the finals you paste photos of your monitor details here on VitalMX, as well)

You may only use final 500, 2k, and 5k times generated during the 8th week. I will post a secret word the final week, and it must be taped to you monitor when you take a picture, unless your monitor is on detailed view and shows the date. This ensures everyone puts in an effort through the whole competition and doesn’t quit, for example, after Week 4, and then posts their best times from that week on the final week.

Create a C2 Logbook and become a training partner

  1. Jump onto the Concept2 logbook and make a profile. Its really quick.
  2. Go to your Profile. In the descriptions you will find your Ranking ID #. Post it here.
  3. After you have someones Ranking ID # go to the bottom of your Profile and you can then enter that persons number is as a Training Partner (or accept requests). If we all do this, we will be able to see everyones logs as they go along.

Originally there weren't going to be any, but thanks to Greg at Concept2, he'll hook-up the winners with some C2 swag.
I'll also work on getting some more stuff together, if we can get enough people involved the next few weeks.
Some other things you can expect though are:

  • Glory of being able to say you’re not just a fat lazy guy that likes to talk about moto on VitalMX
  • Ability to ride longer and faster motos when you hit the track
  • A trimmer, happier, you
  • Lots of chicks!!! (or guys…or both)

So what do you say? Who’s in?! VitalMX Concept2 rowing competition