Privateer Hunter Clements Stranded in WV

June 17, 2010 12:16pm

We just received this email from Chad Winfrey:

Rookie privateer Hunter Clements #834 (who was featured in the Privateer Profile last week) is on the way to Budds Creek with his mom and mechanic in a motorhome lent to them by the folks at the MO State MX Series, using funds donated to them and gas money from They hadn't planned on doing this race (nor High Point last week where he finished 21st) and only had funds for four races this year. He did so well that we're trying to get him to the whole series.

Last night around midnight they hit a deer in Huntington, WV, and it pretty much toasted the radiator. Right now they are holding down the fort at Jolly Pirate Donuts and working on getting the RV towed into town. I believe they are trying to find a box van to rent.
If anyone lives near there and could lend a hand, it would be appreciated.
If anyone wants to donate to help them pay for the repairs, extra costs, please send to Donnell's Cycles (their major sponsor)

17851 E. Hwy 40
Independence, MO 64055

If you are nearby or can help, call his father, Todd Clements at 816-304-2546. Todd is home in Kansas City (had to work).