Novik Gloves Signs Aron Harvey

April 15, 2010 3:50pm
Novik Gloves is proud to announce another addition to their national athlete support program. They have recently signed Aron Harvey to their program for the 2010 AMA Outdoor Nationals. If you have been following the racing action north of the US border, up in Canada the last couple of years, then Aron needs no introduction to you. Aron, came off of a successful amateur racing career, finishing in the top 5 in almost every Am. National he competed in. He swapped spots with current top US racers such as Trey Canard, Austin Stroupe, Nico Izzi, and Darryn Durham just to name a few. As an effect of his success through his amateur career, he had managed to get an offer from Blackfoot Yamaha to race in the Canadian MX nationals. Aron took advantage of the opportunity and wasted no time getting used to the pro class. He continued his winning ways, and found himself on the top step of the podium several times in the last few seasons. In 2009, Aron finished the season with an impressive 3rd place overall in the Championship Series in the MX2 class. For 2010, his sights are set on competing in his home country, and has every intention to make a strong presence here in the AMA Outdoor National Series. We took a minute to get Aron’s thoughts about his time spent racing in the Canadian Nationals.

So hey Aron- tell me how things have been for you lately?
AH- Good, I was hurt for a bit and just getting back at it… I’ve been hitin the gym pretty hard lately, riding my roadbike a ton. I’ve been able to turn some laps on my bike lately, and feeling like I’m back where I was before I was hurt, so that’s good I guess.

Tell me a little bit about your experience racing up in Canada?
AH- Well, I got 3rd at Loretta’s and got a ride to race up in Canada, and things were going good. I won a couple of nationals there, and going into the 3rd round I was actually leading that race, and high-sided this one turn and tumbled into a hay-bale and broke my femur, which landed me in a hospital bed on the east coast of Canada. It was a bummer, but I learned a lot, and it was a good experience all around. It was pretty cool to go to a different country- I learned a lot, and got to see how racing is in a different country.

Nice, is the fan base good up North?
AH-Ahh, I think a lot of the Canadians, want the Canadians to win. But I defiantly made a lot of friends up there, and a few rounds in, I had a lot of fans rootin for me, so that was pretty cool. But I think they defiantly want their “homeboys” to win there fir sure. But, yea they’re great fans.

So word on the street is your running the US nationals this year?
AH-Yea I really want to be racing down here, that’s my dream… Doing what I can now preparing for outdoors, and then I want to do supercross after that.

So since Loretta’s you pretty much went right up into Canada and have been racing up there for a couple seasons. Now that your back in the US, is there anybody that you are excited to race here?
AH-Well, they’re all super fast guys, but it would defiantly be cool to line up w Reed, since I’m coming right up to 450’s, or Bubba. I heard he might be runnin the outdoors, and that would be cool to race against him for sure! 

Cool man, so that’s the plan then huh? To race 450’s?
AH- Yea, well we’re on our own, and it’s tuff to put a lot of money into a 250 to hop it up, and they don’t last as long so..We’re getting a good 450. The Yamaha’s this year haul ass, so we’re getting the bikes all hopped up and going to do the privateer thing this year. Hopefully make a good run! 

That being said, do you have anything going on as far as teams or help coming into the Nationals?
AH- Ahh, not really at this point. We have METTEC titanium bolts, they’ve helped me out HUGE, more than we could have asked for really, so we are very appreciative of them. McCoy’s offroad here in Carson, he’s helping me out with my suspension. Really, he can only do so much, but we’re super thankful for their help for sure! Oh, and also I’d like to thank Novik Gloves for all their help and the sweet new gloves!

Nice... Tell me bout this backflip I saw on the internet? Was that pretty scarey or what?
AH- HAaha! Yea, its kinda funny. I always make fun of the freestyle guys because it’s just something the moto guys just don’t do, but let me tell you what…doing a backflip, even into a foam pit, it’s WAY harder and WAY more scarey than it looks!! I defiantly have a lot more respect for what those guys do for sure! I was able to go out to Dustin Miller’s , with him and Adam Jones because they live in this area. Adam’s won a few X-games before, and I told him I wanted to learn to do a backflip, so they helped me out with that. I pulled it off my third try…Ha. It was something to do, ya know!

Well cool Aron. Thanks for taking the time to say a few things and we’ll defiantly be watching for you this outdoor season.