Your Collection: Puch MX125

March 28, 2010 2:09am
This week's collection comes from Rob Richards of San Mateo, CA:

  • Here is Rob's 1972 Puch MX125. Click through this gallery to seem more photos of his collection.
  • 1973 Yamaha MX360
"I would like to share some photos of bikes that I purchased on Craigslist over the past few years. Both bikes are in the same condition as the day I picked them up except I washed the dust off of them. Both bikes have most of their original parts. The 1972 Puch MX125 is all original except for the handlebars, grips and rear tire. It's only missing the vinyl cover for the airbox, the Puch fuel tank sticker and the silencer. The 1973 Yamaha MX360 is all original right down to the grips, but it's missing the silencer as well. My ideal collection would be any motocrosser from 1975 to 1985 as those are the most innovative development years in my opinion."


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