Wanted: Motocross Mechanic for Internship

March 25, 2010 4:08pm
Hello friends: The Tedder family is looking for a young kid who wants to spend the summer as a Professional Race Team Intern Mechanic. There is no salary with this position! All room, board and expenses will be paid along with some spending money for some young motocross enthusiastic who doesn’t want to stay at home this summer cutting grass and getting into trouble!

We are looking for a kid who wants to travel the US this summer with the race team and be a helper: While brothers Myles and Dakota Tedder contest the entire AMA Professional Motocross Outdoor Championship tour. Starting in the middle of May 2010 and ending the first week of September 2010. (Please Note: We will make allowances for breaks to attend or finish school / attend family vacations, etc…)

The boy will be in good hands and be treated like one of the family. They will be dressed in race team attire during race days. They will have the opportunity to network with other professional mechanics and riders and maybe….Network themselves right into a full paying position with our team or another team for the future. At least it will be a great experience!

Race Team Schedule and General Duties:

1. Sunday’s – Drive in the big rig to one of the 12 races over the summer (see schedule below)
2. Monday – Clean and Race Prep Bikes for Next Saturdays Race.
3. Tuesday – Site seeing in area or chasing down parts to fix bikes?
4. Wednesday – Same as Tuesday
5. Thursday – Wash Big Rig – Same as Tuesday
6. Friday – Move into Pits for Saturdays Race. Set up Pit and Big Rig Canopy.
7. Saturday – Race Day. Break down pits, load up truck!

On race day there will be two full time mechanics and most the Tedder family. The family and racers fly in on Friday and fly out on Sunday, so there will be a lot of hands to help on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Monday thru Thursday there will be one of the full time mechanics (whom is also a certified Class A Truck Driver) along with the helper on the road traveling from event to event.

If you know of anyone that you would recommend and that is interested, email matt.tedder@hamptontedder.com.

Best regards, and hope to see you at the races.