250 Words: Daytona

March 10, 2010 9:00pm | by:
If this is what Christophe Pourcel looks like when he’s not at 100 percent, imagine the 100-percent version.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Pourcel crashed after the Indy Supercross, knocking himself out and banging himself up. In Atlanta, he still couldn’t see very well while he was doing the track walk before practice started. Yet somehow, even though he didn’t lead much of the main event, he led the main when it counted – on the last lap – and landed his second win of the season.

  • Christophe Pourcel celebrates another win in front of the Daytona crowd.
  • Austin Stroupe celebrates his heat-race win. He finished second yet again in Daytona.
  • Dean Wilson had to pass his old amateur rival Blake Baggett to grab his first podium of the season, and of his career.
  • Blake Baggett, here leading wilson, finished a strong fourth, right behind Wilson and Stroupe.
  • Justin Barcia had a hard time making up time in the Lites main, and he ended up climbing up to fifth by the end.
He’s feeling a little bit better now, although he still isn’t riding during the week between races, and even just feeling a little bit better, Pourcel absolutely murdered the competition at the Daytona Supercross.

Pourcel looks like he’s in a different league from the rest of the guys in the Lites East, but to be fair to his competition, that probably has more to do with his riding style than anything. When a guy rides as smoothly as Pourcel does, it looks effortless. Because of that, it looks like he’s beating the rest of the field without hardly trying, and that’s one version of dominance that we rarely see in motocross. Usually, dominance is James Stewart as he came up through the 125cc ranks, winning main events and motos by 30 or more seconds nearly all the time. But right now, dominance is winning main events with apparent ease.

But make no mistake about it, it takes a lot of effort to ride as smoothly as Pourcel does, because if it didn’t, he wouldn’t have landed on his head after Indy in the first place.