Your Collection: 1977 YZ250

February 21, 2010 12:45pm
This week's collection comes from Scott Higbie:

  • Click through this gallery to see more photos of Scott's restored 1977 YZ250.
  • The Hurricane
I bought this 1977 YZ250 over a year ago to restore and race it in some local vintage classes. Now that it's done I don’t even want to ride it as it looks too good! In my opinion, this is one of the best-looking historical Yamahas available; true, raw vintage history. This year bike was the same that Bob Hannah rode to his fist supercross championship series back in 1977. Check out the one photo and you can see The Hurricane in action on one. Below is list of what I've done to this bike:

* Frame and Swingarm had all bearings removed and then were soda blasted and powder coated black. The frame is in perfect condition and there are no cracks and or any re-welds.
* All other black components were sand blasted, wet painted with three coats of automotive lacquer and then three coats of automotive clear.
* All bearings and mating races were prepped, packed and re-assembled.
* Many of the 10 and 12 mm bolts were replaced with stainless steel bolts (plastic, airbox, exhaust, etc…) All other bolts were blasted to remove any rust.
* Front forks were disassembled and the outer tubes sand blasted, painted, lacquered and then covered with 10mil clear plastic to protect the finish. The fork seals were replaced and fresh synthetic oil was added.
* Brand New Mikuni 36mm Carburetor and Boyesen reeds.
* Brand New Pro-Form Works Exhaust System. Hand made expansion chamber like the works pipes of the late '70’s and early '80’s with matching, tuned silencer, all rubber mounted.
* Brand new OEM Yamaha air filter.
* Brand New Wiseco Piston Kit (3rd over).
* Brand New aftermarket Plastic (Front and rear fender, side plates, front number plate and rubber fork boots) New Black Backgrounds and “250” stickers.
* Brand new seat cover.
* Brand new Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid-Soft tires, front and rear.
* New swing arm and tensioner chain guides.
* OEM gas tank with new graphics.
* OEM bar pad and all new controls (Clutch lever assembly and cable, front brake lever assembly, chrome moly high bend bars, grips and updated kill switch).
* Brand new factory Yamaha OEM spoke sets, front and rear.


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