Your Collection: Old Autographed Photos

January 4, 2010 10:37am
This week's collection comes from Mike Barker:

  • Mark Barnett
  • Mike Bell
  • Broc Glover
  • Kent Howerton
  • Danny LaPorte
  • Marty Moates
  • Warren Reid
  • Chuck Sun
  • Jeff Ward
  • Steve Wise
All of these photos were autographed at the Los Angeles Coliseum Supercross in July of 1980. I had press access to the event and the riders were gracious enough to sign while I wandered around the pits after practice.

I had taken these photos at various events, from Anaheim 1979 up through and including the 1980 USGP at Carlsbad, which of course was won by Marty Moates. There is also a shot of Chuck Sun, a future USGP winner.

The following is to the best of my recollection the venue and date:

Warren Reid Hangtown 1980 250 National
Mark Barnett Saddleback 1980 125 National
Jeff Ward Hangtown 1980 125 National
Steve Wise Saddleback 1980 250 National
Chuck Sun Carlsbad 1980 USGP
Marty Moates Carlsbad 1980 USGP
Danny LaPorte Carlsbad 1980 USGP
Mike Bell Anaheim 1979 Supercross
Kent Howerton Hangtown 1980 250 National
Broc Glover Saddleback 1980 125 National

Anyway, thank you for your consideration and I hope these photos can be enjoyed other "old school" fans.


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