Beabout MX Training at Cycle Ranch

January 16-17 at Cycle Ranch MX Park, Beabout MX Training will be holding a two day rider training class. December 5th will be small bike training then December 6th will be big bike training. Beabout MX Training uses a full proff program,starting with basic fundamentals,and working through all the techniques for each discipline. Such as.... Mental training, strategy, tactics, proper braking, clutch control, where, when and how to accelerate, cornering drills, and jumping drills. Each rider is evaluated thoroughly and will receive the level of training that is needed for him and her through hands on drills. It takes repetition to grasp these concepts much like anything in life which will turn into a natural action that the student wont have to think about and will follow.. I am cutting the entrys off at 12 students. Receive huge discounts on school sponsors and a few chosen dedicated riders will receive a 12 month contract from school sponsors. Contact Brandon Beabout for info and to register. 

1-Day Class Fee $100
2-Day Class Fee $200

(There will be a $50 deposit)

January 16 Schedule

9:30am-12pm: Morning discussion, track warm up, braking, balancing drills, cornering drills, and fast laps.

12pm-1pm: Lunch

1pm-3pm: Cornering, starts, and sprints.

January 17 Schedule

9:30am-12pm: Morning discussion, track warm up, cornering, jumping, fast laps.

12pm-1pm: Lunch

1pm-3pm: whoops, starts, and sprints.