DC's Gymkhana Video Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With "Hot For Words"

Vista, CA – DC is proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Practice video’s debut on the internet with a special educational lesson on gymkhana from another YouTube sensation, “Hot For Words.”  What started as nothing more than an exercise in fun and filming now has 24 million views and has become an internet phenomenon. But many questions were left unanswered. Who is Ken Block? What is gymkhana, and how did the clip come together? The answers to these and many more questions will finally be answered in this anniversary celebration video that releases at dcshoes.com/gymkhana today.

Thru Ken Block’s series of Gymkhana videos (Gymkhana Practice, Bonus Edit, TWO and 2.1) the exposure of motorsports on the web has been forever changed. Not only did Ken provide non-stop motor sport eye candy with his re-adaption of the sport of gymkhana, but also, the volume of viewers alone set multiple records. In total to date, the videos have claimed over 40 million views worldwide.

“I was totally surprised at the success of the Gymkhana videos,” said Ken Block, DC’s Co Founder, Chief Brand Officer and Pro Rally Car Racer. “It’s amazing to see so many people respond to a project that simply started from a personal passion for driving.”

The first edit of the Gymkhana video was put on kenblockracing.com, dcshoes.com, youtube.com, streetfire.net, shredordie.com and vimeo.com with little promotion and became an instant viral success in all circles, capturing over 24 million viewers to date.*   The Gymkhana Practice video also swept YouTube, the world’s most popular user-generated video website, by owning the number one spots in the Auto and Vehicles categories for Top Favorited (All Time) and Top Rated (All Time) honors. Gymkhana TWO joined the Practice video with Top Favorited (All Time) in the Auto and Vehicles category on YouTube.

For the one-year anniversary of the Gymkhana Practice Video, DC sought out another notable YouTube star, “Hot For Words,” to help tell the complete story of gymkhana. “Hot for Words” features Russian philologist, Marina, whose YouTube program boasts over 273,000 YouTube subscribers. Relentlessly searching down the etymology of words, Marina takes on gymkhana to give a captivating education on the word and Ken Block’s connection to the sport he’s helped redefine.

The Gymkhana Anniversary video featuring “Hot For Words” will release on YouTube and DCshoes.com. Viewers get an in-depth understand of the sport of gymkhana and all the “making-of” details along with exciting footage from the previous videos. Plus, for the first time, Ken Block sits down to answer the most frequently asked questions about gymkhana, the video series and his future plans for the sport. Visit http://gymkhana.dcshoes.com/#/videos/ to see the latest videos.