Holiday Buyers' Guide: TRX Pro Pack for Motocross

November 11, 2009 8:15am
  • TRX Pro Pack for Motocross
More top riders in motocross including James Stewart, Dan Reardon, Trey Canard, Nico Izzi and Justin Brayton are starting to realize the physical benefits of training with the TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX builds superior core strength, improves balance and flexibility, increases endurance, and adds power to your moves.

While most fitness equipment relies on weights, elastic, or pulleys for resistance, the TRX instead employs the user's bodyweight and simple physics to create an unlimited range of resistance and complete range of functional motion across hundreds of exercises. Suitable for users of all fitness levels.
Ideal preparation for:
  * Core Strength                    * Endurance
  * Balance                             * Power
  * Flexibility

Fitness Anywhere: Make your body your machine.
“In motor sports and specifically motorcycle racing, you have unique strength, balance and co-ordination requirements and finding the right tools to train these areas is always been challenging. After testing and using the TRX system, I have finally found the right tool. Not only is it easy to set up and take on the road or to any gym, it specifically helps the proprioceptive training needed in this sport, which improves the athletes' strength, coordination, muscular balance, and muscle-reaction times.”
– Aldon Baker, trainer James Stewart

Price: $189.95 (TRX® Pro Pack) / $24.95 TRX® Door Anchor™
20% off all orders until Dec. 13th

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More Information: Visit for information on how to use the TRX specifically for motocross.

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