Paris-Bercy Supercross Night Three

Wow, what an exciting wrap up to the Bercy Supercross this Sunday evening. What happened was that the uber-fast James Stewart once again dominated the Super-pole competition and the duel races, but unfortunately came down with food poisoning of some sort right after that and was unable to line up for the main event. Stewart’s DNS allowed JGR Yamaha’s Justin Brayton to win the King of Bercy title. After some confusion about the scores, Brayton was eventually awarded the trophy by L&M’s Larry Brooks.

The night started in the Super-pole competition with Stewart, having lost this event yesterday, taking his revenge and knocking off KTM’s Marvin Musquin. Musquin, who went first, sat in the number-one spot through all thirteen riders trying to knock him off before the last one, Stewart, finally did.

The duel races were again dominated by James as he went 1-1-1 in the three short races, but in the third one he did have a bit of a challenge as Brayton gated in front of him. Stewart stalked the emerging Brayton around the track before making the pass by diving to the inside before the riders went out the tunnel. That was it, one lap later Stewart claimed his second win on the night.

When the riders lined up for the final, there was no number-one Yamaha, but there was a number-75, and that belonged to Stewart’s teammate, Josh Hill. Hill, who showed flashes of speed the previous two nights but not much to show for it, grabbed the lead early and held in all the way to the end. It was a great ride by the kid that’s been given a second chance in his career. L&M Yamaha’s number-one rider may not have answered the bell, but certainly team manager Larry Brooks has to like what he has right now.

  • Justin Brayton got the King Of Bercy crown.
The main event saw the MX2 World Champion Musquin creep up on Hill, but about halfway through Musquin fell in a turn and then it was Brayton’s turn to see what he could do. The Iowa native was clearly the second-fastest rider this weekend, but couldn’t close the gap on Hill and then he went down after the finish. With that crash, most of us figured his chances for King of Bercy went tumbling to the ground with him, but his salvage job of fifth was enough to get him the crown. This has to be the biggest win of Brayton’s career and solidified that his new team, Joe Gibbs Racing, was justified in signing Justin so early.

However, the French crowd did have something to celebrate on this night as Musquin, who rode around to 12,000 delirious Frenchmen cheering him all on three days, won the overall on Sunday and ended up fourth for the weekend despite a DNF one night. Surprising Frenchman Gregory Aranda captured the third spot after Stewart for the weekend’s results.

Sunday Final
1-Marvin Musquin, KTM 2-2-3
2-Josh Hill, Yam 6-3-1
3-Justin Brayton, Yam 3-4-5
4-Gregory Aranda, Kaw 4-7-2
5-Fabien Izoird, Suz, 5-5-4
6-James Stewart, Yam, 1-1-15
7-Nick Wey, Kaw, 7-6-8
8-Stephane Demartis, Hon, 12-8-6
9-Jason Thomas, Suz, 11-9-9
10- Cedric Soubeyras, Hon, 13-11-7

1-Brayton 24 pts
2-Stewart 25
3-Aranda 40
4-Musquin 41
5-Izoird 47
6- Hill 55
7-Wey 66
8- Matt Boni 88
9- Christophe Martin 98
10- Davide Espoti 104