Piecing It Together DVD Trailer

Whether you’re literally Piecing It Together on your motor, or bike, or if you’re figuratively Piecing It Together on the track, at some point in time we’ve all been there. Some of these guys are just Piecing It Together a little better. Piecing It Together features some of the fastest off-road riders in their natural environment, from Paul Whibley, Jimmy Jarrett, Marty Michels, and Chris Bach, as well as all those chasing them down to hit the podium. Piecing It Together follows these riders throughout the Midwest in series like the Extreme Dirt Series, OMAs, IXCR, KORHS, and GNCCs. Shot in HD to help show the best in the biz Piecing It TogetherPiecing It Together will be released on www.wastingtimefilms.com and in stores across the country late November.