Your Collection: Penton MC5 125

This week's collection comes from Scott Fishel of Britt Boyette.

  • 1976 Penton MC5 125
  • 1976 Penton MC5 125
Here we have a 1976 Penton MC5 125. What makes this bike so special is that it has KTM's first 125cc engine built by KTM. These bikes were introduced midyear in ‘76 and continued through 1977. 1978 saw a design change and the end of the Penton name used on KTM’s bikes. Production of the first generation MC5 125s were reported at under 200 units with the bulk of them being ‘77 models. This bike was stored away in boxes for almost twenty nine years but now is back together. It is, with the exception of a few cosmetic upgrades, original. It was used for ice racing in Canada in ‘77 and ‘78 and still has the race tires on it complete with holes from where the studs were mounted. They are almost like new. A powder coated frame, new handlebars, fresh second over piston, Mikuni carb, and a new seat cover round out the upgrades.


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