Fahringer Earns 3rd Overall at Final Nationl Enduro

Mathews, IN – Factory Husaberg rider Nick Fahringer earned 3rd overall at the final round of the National Enduro Series. Fahringer started the race off well although he commented that is was very cold and hard to get warmed up before the event started in the morning. “It was cold outside and I got arm pump early on in the race because I was so stiff.”

While KTM riders Mike Lafferty and Russell Bobbitt were battling out front for the championship, Fahringer remained the only rider within striking reach that could get between them and change the results. “I knew I had a chance of making one friend and one enemy today if I got between the riders, but I kept that out of my mind and focused on my own race and finishing my best,” remarked Fahringer.

Halfway through the race Fahringer was only 20 seconds back from Bobbitt and looking to close the gap. “I had a few crashes in the middle of the race. One time I dropped my bike down an embankment and broke my handlebar mount. I thought my race was over from there, but I still finished in a good time and stayed in the running for a podium finish.”

When the checkered flag flew Fahringer finished slightly over a minute behind Bobbitt in 3rd position. “I was happy with my finish today. It is good to end the season on the podium. I raced the new Husaberg FX450 and love that bike. I feel confident on this machine and can’t wait for the next race.

Fahringer left for Portugal to race the ISDE immediately following the event. Look for updates on Fahringer and his ISDE club team on www.husaberg.com.

Overall Results –
1) Mike Lafferty 33:03
2) Russell Bobbitt 33:28
3) Nick Fahringer 34:57
4) Brad Bakken 37:52
5) Jeff Melik 40:15

Overall Points –
1) Russell Bobbitt – 267
2) Mike Lafferty – 266
3) Brad Bakken – 175
4) Nick Fahringer – 166
5) Cole Kirkpatrick – 129