Racer X Tested: 2010 KTMs

September 28, 2009 10:00am | by:
  • The 2010 KTM 150SX, 250SX, and 450SXF
The new offerings from KTM don’t look all that different, but don’t be fooled by their similar appearances. Under the shrouds of orange are reworked and massaged machines that are ready to race. KTM’s Tom Moen brought out the new 450 as well as their 250 and 150 two-stroke machines. Let’s take a look at the changes for 2010:

All SX models have KTM’s new, patented triple clamp design and revalved suspension settings, modified airbox with specially designed Twin Air filter, new Front brake pads for more progressive feel and new diamond Renthal grips.

- 450: New frame design. Frame is welded to head tube 10mm lower than 2009 model, five speed transmission, new titanium exhaust header with KTM’s HPRS (header pipe resonance system), high-end, machined SXS front brake caliper (same one used on race team), rear shock 4mm shorter, new carb setting, reinforced engine piston and DLC coating on big end bearing on crankshaft.

- Two-stokes: New frame, triple clamps, cylinder and a reinforced 1st gear. The 250 has a reinforced cylinder head for greater durability. New radiator caps and thicker material on all two-stroke exhausts for greater durability.

  • Phil really enjoyed riding the 150 two-stroke.
I brought out Phil Lawrence to help me shake down the new KTM’s and he had a hard time figuring out which bike he liked best.

“I love riding the two-strokes,” said Phil after a spin on the 2010 models. “The 150 reminds me of some of the best factory 125’s I used to have. It’s amazing how fast that thing is. You have to get used to revving it again. I’ve gotten so used to the way you ride a four stroke that it took me a few laps to remember. Once you get that thing going it rips I really liked the 150. I couldn’t decide if I liked riding that or the 450 better. The four strokes make it so easy to go fast. You really have to work hard to make a two-stroke go fast, but the 450 has so much power that you can be lazy and just use the motor. The new 450 definitely has a better feel than last year’s bike. I rode that one quite a bit and there is a noticeable difference in the two of them. I still love the motor, the brakes and of course the electric start. These are great machines.”

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